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If you can read this you have too much free time

Perhaps more realistically, I should be thanking you profusely. The idea that anyone would find what I have to say worth reading is flattering...

I love living in Hong Kong for a lot of reasons. It's the greatest place I've ever lived, and I don't ever want to leave.

I am still perpetually astounded that the city's entertainment industr(ies) are so transparent. I have met more people I always wanted to meet than I ever would have thought possible.

I've even bumped into Eason Chan outside the Dynasty Theatre in Mong Kok. He was probably leaving rehearsals for Moving On; I had just watched Wong Jing's classic Beauty and the 7 Beasts, and if I recall correctly, I had just gotten finished doing something horribly inappropriate with the Lust, Caution poster. Sadly, with the guyin the poster and not the woman...

But never mind such digressions...

My point is that I am amazed, tickled, and baffled by how easily I have met so many famous people. Further proof of that is their residence on this website. Many of the people with whom I have been lucky enough to take FanBoy (@ 193cm/120kg, perhaps FanThug is more apropos) pictures with (or wanted to) are members of this site. So I can spare you these photos since I look stupid in them.

Where was I? Oh...

As much as I dislike Hong Kong media's gross hypocrisy and opportunism (yeah, you need photos of Lydia Shum taken from 6" away for journalistic reasons... ass), I am equally enthralled by the humility and openness of many media personalities.

Which reminds me: Sammy Leung is one of the kindest people on the planet. Period.

The contrast to The Other Film Industry is downright diametric.

Speaking of those jackanapes...

Tomorrow night I'm off to see the latest in a long line of Orientalist Hollywood garbage, The Forbidden Kingdom.  You know, the ones with the posters where Jet Li is so badly airbrushed that he looks like Deannie Yip in Crying Heart ( ).

Ooooh, what a recipe for success: Jet Li, Jackie Chan, and SOME F@#$%ING WHITE KID I'VE NEVER F@#$ING SEEN BEFORE WHO WILL END UP SAVING CHINA AND/OR THE WHOLE F@#$ING WORLD. And Jet and Jackie will say they learnedfrom him. Mark my f@#$ing words.

Then there's Escape from Huang Shi, where an historical drama about China is told through the eyes of some White guy who will be fawned over and deferred to, because he must "Tell the world this story..."

I'd like to buy the people responsible for these films a full case of pre-refrigerated Go F#%$ Yourself.

Oh, and in case no one told you lately: QUENTIN TARANTINO IS REMAKING A SHAW BROTHERS MOVIE. He's not writing a "Mandarin language Kung Fu" film.

I'm glad his startling originality (i.e. rehashing Ringo Lam etc.) has made him rich and famous. Hollywood: The fake boob next to America's heart.

If you knew what my day job was (and some of you do), you'd be appalled.

I know I am.

Thank you for reading this and, realistically, I guess I should say goodbye now.

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