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I Am Inappropriately Excited About This

Wong Jing is one of my favorite directors.

Nick Cheung is one of my favorite actors.

I'm too afraid of Meng Yao to criticize her.

If she had the Kelly Chen role in An Empress and the Warriors, no one would laugh. She's diesel. But I mean that in a good way. Really.

And I'm not just saying that because she is exposing her navel in the poster. It helps, but it's not the whole reason...

Thursday night I will sit with my friends (inlcuding Kozo) in the Dynasty Theatre in Mongkok, our designated Wong Jing venue, and I will laugh myself silly and enjoy myself thoroughly.

At least with Wong Jing I can go into it knowing that I won't be disappointed.

Even if I am, whose fault is that, rationally speaking?

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No Movie Night; Kozo was in Italy. Gotta find FK in English. May go tomorrow... This movie is about gambling and cleavage. Hopefully it will not be too formulaic, though that's dreaming.
almost 14 years ago


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