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God Bless America

Our freedom of expression allows us to say what we feel in the way we feel it should be said. It allows us to express ourselves, and to be ourselves.

Even if we're being an ass.

In fact, especiallyif we're being an ass.

Say what you want about the death of civility (so long as you mention thesesavage weirdos

in the same breath), but as someone who holds a terminal degree in communication, I guarantee that Ass-man's message is clear to virtually anyone who sees it. Which is a lot more than I can say for most political rhetoric.

Speaking of which, I just want to say that PM Kevin Rudd of Australia is a great man.

"Not on my chin they're not!"

Considering my favorite Australian before that was Angus Young,

it would seems as though education or maturity (or just the medication) is finally starting to have some effect.

Rudd refuses to let the Sacred Torch Bouncers off their bus. Given that they have run rampant over the rights (and the citizens!) of three nations already, I think he is right to confine them to a safe place.

I mean safe for Australians.

Japan is doing the same thing. And who could blame them?

Ahhhh, but before I get branded some teeth-gnashing jingoist with red, white, and blue foam at the mouth, let me just say a couple things.

Americans are free to express themselves. They are also free to do things they know they will get in trouble for. When they do those things, I heartily support them getting arrested and maybe even roughed up a little; it can be educational.

But I don't think I'm being xenophobic when I say that Americans in America deserve to get arrested or physically restrained by American police officers. Not by visiting dysfunctionaries who will beat down anyone who gets too close to them, even if those people are in their own country and have a right to do stupid things in it. Of course, according to the Paris police spokeswoman Ms Lajus, "We had a hard time explaining to them that we couldn't just ban all protesters from the street." Pesky civil liberties...

Trust me, you'd never get to have American counter-terrorism agents trotting through some city in China kicking f*ck out of people.

Speaking of which...

If I had to pick one person (or persons) who shouldhave gotten beaten like stepchildren, I'd have to say it was the people who attacked this woman:

I'm not saying that she deserves not to be attacked because she's in a wheelchair. I'm just saying that at the very least, what kind of bragging rights does that leave you? "Yeah, I kicked the wheelchair woman's ass!" What kind of ignorant sh*t is that??? Those people deserve to be ritualistically beaten just for that. Not just  because they're French.

Oh, you know who else deserves a beating? Whatever jackwipe is responsible for this idiocy:

Yeah, those f@#$ing Uighur terrorists always wear traditional clothing when they're on the job.

You can't see me right now, but I'm doing an impression of Ass-man.

A very accurateimpression.

It reminds me of a question my mother frequently posed while I was growing up: "What are you, f@#$ing retarded?"

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We should have Ass-man be the torch-bearer... Trust me; this is one ass you don't want to see.
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