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Scud Cheng
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Born in mainland China amid the Great Culture Revolution, Scud was raised by the hands of his beloved grandmother, before moving to Hong Kong with parents and a younger brother at 13. In spite of excellent results from the secondary school, he had to devote the next 20 years to a career of IT, worked for multi-national companies, founded a public listed company, and acquired a bachelor degree thru part-time study. He moved to Australia for a permanent residence and to reflect on his life? Realizing that he has fulfilled the dream of others but not his own --- music and literature, he returned to Hong Kong to start an indie film company, Artwalker, wrote and made his first film, City Without Baseball.

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Location Hong Kong
Gender male
English Name Scud Cheng
Traditional Chinese Name 雲翔
Simplified Chinese Name 云翔
Member Since April 14, 2009
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Hong Kong
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April 14, 2009