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Who really are the bad drivers

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), these are the real statistics:


Native American

Males 42.6

Females 31.5

African American

Males 24.3

Females 9.4

Hispanic American

Males 24.2

Females 8.1

Caucasian American

Males 21.7

Females 9.8

Asian-Pacific Islander Americans

Males 12.7

Females 7.6

WHOOPS! Looks like the old stereotype of the bad Asian drivers really was just another annoying lie created and perpetuated by people with a chip on their shoulders, not unlike most of the stereotypes Asians have to endure.

But most of you reading this already knew that...




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Karinannacheung 6b karinannacheung
hahaha...i've been saying that for a long time now! the times when i almost died on the freeway because someone started changing lanes into my car and didn't even look, the person was neither asian nor female. so guys, since you never let me drive, you can continue driving everyone. i'm takin a nap! :D
almost 16 years ago
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not to sound too cynical, but statistics are a tricky thing... (don't get me wrong, i really prefer it when they're included, but...) in this case that table is the overall fatality rate within their ethnic group, per 100,000 deaths. but it doesn't include factors like number of miles driven or the percentage of that group that actually hold drivers licenses... where those communities usually live (urban driving vs rural driving), etc. ...and it doesn't include non-fatal accident rates. What they do show is that Native Americans die in drunk driving accidents at an alarming rate! anyway, my point is, when it comes to statistics: Caveat emptor!
almost 16 years ago
Photo 41428
If you check out the sources, you'll see this is only one part of one table of many such tables that the NHTSA compiled over several years (including alcohol-related crashes, etc.) almost all of which point to the same conclusion - the stereotype is tired. Good point about statistics often being misleading. No study can ever be totally exhaustive. Got it. But the picture here is much more complete than the little snapshot I quoted. ...and I'll take a study like this over some good ol' racism any day.
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