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Pretty big news that I've been holding back for a while... my new music video is finally FINISHED. Some of you have been seeing these random photos I've been posting up on my Facebook or MySpace or AliveNotDead profiles... they're all photos from our music video shoot back in December.

The story goes even further back than that, when I first contacted an incredibly talented music video producer-turned-director named Karen Lin, asking if she'd be down to discuss working together. Completely defying logic, she agreed. On reflection, I must've told some colorful lies to make her think I was someone who could live up to her high standards. Karen's worked with artists as diverse as John Legend, Death Cab For Cutie, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Stereophonics, and many more she's too modest to tell me about. The second big piece of the puzzle came in the form of the historic Chop Suey Cafe & Lounge in downtown L.A., where I'd previously organized our Komuzika nights. When Karen saw the restaurant, she fell in love and came up with a concept that no one (besides her) thought was even close to being in the realm of possibility on our shoestring budget. From there, the whole thing just kinda snowballed. I'm still in disbelief when I think about the stars that aligned before the morning her thirty-person crew rolled into that restaurant.

Anyway, if you wanna hear the whole story, you can ask Karen herself, or our producer Jorge, or Max (who made his screen acting debut with an apron and broom), or several other crew members, all of whom are going to be joining me at the restaurant that served as our music video location when we celebrate the release of the music video on Friday, April 25. We'll be screening the music video at 9pm in the restaurant. Also, I'll be selling some special edition CDs of my album "Radiant," all of which will include a couple really cool surprises with them (for those of you who were at the last Komuzika: no, I don't mean the Office Depot logo on them...:).

You can check out the e-card for the release party on my Facebook, MySpace, AliveNotDead or my official site, www.scotttang.com.

Or just copy and paste this:


Here are the details:


Music Video Release Party

Friday April 25

Screening at 9pm, No Cover

Chop Suey Cafe & Lounge

347 East 1st Street

Los Angeles, CA 90012

A week after the release party, on Saturday, May 3, the music video will have its official film festival premiere at the 24th Annual Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival at the Director's Guild of America. Hopefully, that will be the first of several film festival stops it makes. You can find out more about the film festival screening and how to get tickets at festival.vconline.org. I'll be there (because there's nothing quite as funny as seeing your face on a big-ass screen) and hope to see you guys there as well. More information about the official film festival premiere will be coming soon.

Finally, as a reward for those of you who've actually been trying to figure out what all those strange objects were in the pictures I've been posting, I've uploaded a grip of photos that Max took during the first half of the music video shoot that should explain things. You can get a close-up view of what it was like to be in the middle of the shoot (and how much Max likes to take photos of props). You should be able to find these on most of my sites without having to poke around too much. In a week or so, I'll follow up with photos from a very gifted photographer, Rachel Tejada, who was there to scope out the second half of the shoot.

Looking forward to hanging out with you guys at the release party!!

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cool! you can also make an Alivenotdead events listing to get into the events calendar. just select 'new event' at the top of your page.
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Peachey: yeah pretty much haha.. Etchy: thanks for the reminder, I'll do that right now... Patrick: yeah, she knows some people on here already. I'll bring it up again...
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congrats! have a great party!
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