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Rainky day today

HAHAH I did not misspell that title! Although it is rainy today. Here's my finished video I shot and edited for a very nice girl with  her new single. Rainky! Video: http://youtu.be/yXprle4XPbwVideo: http://t.cn/zOA1kojThe shoot was so quick and I had to do quite a lot of it myself, but anyway, I enjoyed working on it and working with Rainky was easy, she cried on cue! Good girl.  I used the mini crane and the steadicam (would have used more of it in the cut), but had to keep the video commercial and simple.I'm still working closely with the Hong Kong Jockey club on videos here and there.Video: http://youtu.be/VYf9OVbUjp4I also went to L.A for a couple of weeks to work with Edison Chen who will release a new album.  It was quite a journey and a crazy 2 week non-stop recording.  I was filming the 'making of' and I lost weight on that trip!  I'm dying to share more info, but it will have to wait..for now enjoy this grainy pic. Now I'm back in HK and getting ready for another round of my dad's show in April.  New songs to learn, a tribute for my Uncle.  It's going to be a touching and a fantastic show. If you're around, come join us at the beer garden on the 28th at Happy Valley, why? Cause it's Easter Wednesday biatch! Video: http://youtu.be/MwTkpLR8Mec

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Rottendoubt a4 patrick
man, you've been busy!!!
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45862083 0af2fd4d5d
oh man, poor poor man, forced to spend all those hours at the luxury resort with Rainky....
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45862083 0af2fd4d5d
so they are doing an easter egg hunt at the race course? i'll bring my kids down! :-P
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Tinlunlau 06 tinlunlau
You want a sad example of a rainy day at work? I was in a movie studio filming a huge Hollywood monster flick where we had sprinklers on the ceiling. Yes, it was raining heavily in the set all morning while it was a nice weather outside. By the time we started another scene where the rain's all gone on set, it started to REALLY rain outside.
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