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Happy CNY 2012

Time To REWIND and REPEAT!  Kung Hei Fat Choy 2012!Video:

Oh yea, There are a couple of Easter eggs within this video.  Depending on what you click or if you have patience you might just be able to catch it.  Good luck and have fun!Many thanks to the man of the hour 24 herbs Ghost Style for going with this idea and inspiring me to make this crazy concept come to  life.  Also thanks to Mr.Ass for all his help.岩岩好趕得切 今年我成為已婚一族, 派下利是當然唔少得.為左搞D新意, 我特登整左呢個”互動財神”, 派下利是俾大家究竟CLICK 左封利是之後, 財神爺會唔會派錢? 定係搞下笑呢? 定還是佢有自己既全城獨家MV呢?你CLICK 下就知架啦! 係呀! 我個VIDEO 入面收埋左”驚喜”俾大家. 咁就要睇下大家CLICK 左邊一封利是, 同埋有冇耐性去發現喇!祝大家好運! 係呢度真係要多謝”24味”既GHOST STYLE幫我一齊搞呢個IDEA, 令到我可以完成呢個癲癲地既作品. 另外, 都要好多謝Mr Ass 既大力幫忙! UPDATE:Thanks to creepkin, the video is now uploaded for those in mainland China Gong music 

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Raffi says :
it's back!
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y mn says :
Happy CNY!!
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