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Beijing Moments #1 Subway

When I was in Beijing I decided to do a photo diary every day and post in on my weblog. I knew I’m never going to have enough time once I return to do this and it was a good way of remembering what I did too. Me being me! I shot a lot of videos as well which I didn’t get around to upload and it has taken me two month to slowly start reviewing them. First I was gonna edit them all together in a 5-6 minutes clips but after looking at a few I realized that may need another month or two! So I decided to start uploading shorter clips and write a little about them.

If I had to choose my favourite way to commute it would be tube without a doubt! I just love the environment! It’s like a little underground society and the platforms and cartridges always fascinate me. London and Paris are best examples I’ve seen so far as they’ve keep the old look and when you are there you feel as if you have travelled a couple of decades in time!

La Motte-Picquet — GrenelleWaterloo



Beijing’s subway as they call it, was very polished and modern and very similar to Tehran. It has its own unique features of course like the animations on the wall when the train was is the move (displayed on monitors) and the online supermarkets with items displaced on the walls or pillars. To get them you needed to download an app and scan the QR code and it will be delivered.

Here is a short clip showing a few of Beijing’s Subway stations with a peek inside the tube!

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the problem with beijing is the new lines are new, and the old lines are very old (line 1 and 2). they are the most crowded and slowest of the lines too.
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