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hello everybody..

can't believe that i haven't updated my blogs for more than a month!i'm sorry,i heard that some ppl comes to my page and checked almost everyday,,,,ohhh,,,that makes me feel so bad! i'm really sorry abt this.,,

one of the reason i've been away frm bogging is,,,i was out of town for a while.i was not in HK!and just came back here on Tuesday of this week,,,where was I??? actually,i was in THE CITY!!! you know where it is??

in the city,big apple,i met a lot of nice ppl,,,seriously,i'm missing them now.i had nice parties,yummy foods,tons of fun.i will write about this next time!!(and next time is really soon ok!no more lazy!)

now,,,i got sick because i'm missing the days i was there too much!! i had haigh-fever around 103"(39,5)for 2days n finally saw a doc today,,,,,i thought i would be dead!!my dearest manager Gloria took me there and cooked for me,and my dearest friend,Hiromi,brought me some chocolates right now,,she dropped by before she was going to LKF! i envy her!!! but thank you  thank you so much!!! i love ya alllllllllll!!!!

okay,back to sleep now,,,next time,i will upload some nice pituere i got in my trip to the city,,,,,

hope everyone in good health:)



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Mylovepuzzle ef mylovepuzzle
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wish u get wellll soon.....~!!
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Photo 217949
aww...I hope u get well soon!!! Take care of yourself!
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take it easy! 今は僕は日本に居る!楽し過ぎ!!!;-D
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Photo 293046
Hope u get well soon...
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Rottendoubt a4 patrick
hope you are feeling better! make sure to get enough rest.
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Take Care!
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