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Elliott Soh
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About Elliott Soh

Designed music, a true revival.

Started in mid 2008, revivalDJ began composing songs for leisure. Using old-school past experiences in digital mixing and the love for trance and acid, revivalDJ embarked on a journey into familiar soundscapes with a vision set on creating songs visualised by imagination and poetry. To each of his songs, revivalDJ adds a touch of fun and life's experiences into the mix to bathe the songs with a sense of life, at the same time enjoying the process of birthing a song from nothingness. revivalDJ will put his work as sculpting a masterpiece - it's never finished till revivalDJ says it's finished.

At the same time, some design work is done on an ad-hoc basis for friends and gaming enthusiasts. Once with forum signature requests, now a fuller-fledged professional ready to spread some artistic wings. Music and graphic art intertwined into one, and to top it off a former forum moderator to boot.

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Designed music, a true revival.

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