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Into the future...

Supplies!! No surprises. Lols.
Anyways, it's been ages since a good update but I thought I'd do this in retrospect, with the new year and all. Best time to reflect, regret and reckon that some things that ought to have changed and should have remained the same, with some ageing process along the way.
Yes, I have been blogging, actively engaging people in the gaming sphere and have come across a myriad of career paths since my ST Electronics days (I think too many to keep track of). Like a current colleague said, "When ...Read more

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Weekly blog cum devotionals is out

I've been blogging about my experiences alongside some daily devotions.

Visit http://bonesonfire.weebly.com or https://fb.com/BonesOnFireForGod to check out some of these posts. :) May it be a blessing to you and enrich you. :)

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More transitions...

Moving out of Healthy Gaming - Check (out after 3 months) -

Tried my hand at telesales - Check (out after 2 and a quarter months) - Landed in a property agency thanks to a friend - Check - Enrolling into property as an agent - Maybe (It's passive income)Thank you God for the roller coaster ride of grace and mercy. I know I will get to my goal ambition soon; I can just feel it! Sound engineering, here I come!

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Out of the old / Into the new

Left the job (project ended), left the movement (management crisis) - not left in the cold.

Praise God I still have friends out there who help and care, ie Adrian Jay Lim "DaddyJay".

Moving on with cruise control. Gonna get bumpy but I'm thrilled to see the end result, and beyond that.For now, let's see where Sulake and the Healthy Gamer Ambassador stint will bring me.

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2011 (2010 in Perspective)

The countdown came and went. I guess I can put it down in perspective now... Did I enjoy any fireworks?No. Was in the office, doing my night duties as Game Moderator. Already have so much colourful bright lights emitted from the computer screens. At least, I have control over what I wish to see.Was the music pumping?Somewhat. It was over my office stereo. ReverbNation and 91.3FM.Did you get high/drunk?Maybe. It was all multimedia - Facebook, Blackshot Online (Garena), ReverbNation, Radio 91.3 FM, DVDs. Watched some clips of the Mel...Read more

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My 27th Birthday tomorrow!

Birthdays are loud and frenzied. Mine are usually hushed.Celebrating a life on planet earth.27 earth years of surviving the trials and tribulations of life.27 earth years of living and growing in this leased form of existence.27 earth years of figuring out what is in store for me in life.27 earth years of experiences, regrets, joys, sufferings.27 earth years to respect and love my Maker.27 earth years to be raised on a platform, and dropped to the lowest depth to test faith and perseverance.27 earth years in preparation for what li...Read more

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Finally got myself a job I love doing...

I found myself in a place called ST Electronics and rediscovered my passion for games, especially more so with this new job I've been given. You could say the job description is somewhat like being a representative of the company for that game.I'll be working close with something big. Something that's coming up this year.It's the Singapore Youth Olympic Games 2010! Hurrah! What could be better? Hallelujah!Working with professionals behind-the-scenes, rubbing shoulders at media events, overseeing the ov...Read more

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Perth pics up!

Well, can't post up every shot I had but these are my favourites. New album made. Enjoy perusing. :)

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Perth - Day 3 to 4

Just spent 3 days in Perth City...Goodearth Hotel. Gonna spend the rest of my 4 days at Margeret River before heading back towards the city. Hope to post some pics soon! =D

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Jobbing around...

It's a reoccurrence. Just keeps bugging people who are lost in the job market, retrenched, or part-timing.

Like me.

I part-time.

Never did like a 9-5 desk job. Somehow the filing and eye-searing Microsoft Office errands don't click.

So, I decided to do what I've never done before.

I decided to go out there and meet the people for who they are, find out what makes them tick. if I want to make great music, if I want to explore other ways of conveying art, what better place to do it then at a...Read more

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