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Immigration: You from Singapore. But where you live? Me: Hong Kong. IO: (confused) Hong Kong? M: Hong Kong. IO: Table dance club M: Like a strip club? I: Hong Kong is the biggest strip club in Latin America. M: Yeah, I live there. I: (smiles)

mexico #tijuana #sanysidro #hongkong

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Many years have passed since I was that little boy who first came here. I'm still that same boy. With different perspectives. I'd like to think I've evolved into a better man since then. Never felt more ready for life. ?#hermosa #cali #la #rayban

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Here's a picture of David LaPorte's beautiful studio here in Los Angeles. Got new shots taken today. I think I'm ready! #davidlaportestudio #photographer #actor #losangeles

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Good morning. Over jetlag and ready to rock the day! #la #cali #jetlag #coffee

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A real pleasure to meet David Tsui last week. A truly nice man and the director who shot one of the most iconic ads of all time. #film #solviltitus #hk #stories

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Packing on my last day in Hong Kong before two weeks in California. Chili was sad and didn't want to take the photograph.#hk #cali #chili #love

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Now how do I get that thing down? #chili #toy #chihuahua #play

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Fajitas with Spanish rice and black beans. Work of the beautiful @pamkeefe and yours truly. #texmex #fajitas #mexican #colors

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A delightful meet up with the legend Josephus Tan, that I played in a 2015 TV series, and Terry Tan. @josephus_tan Really good to see you again bro and always wonderful to talk to you and Terry, good to meet you. #josephustan #verdict #singapore #legend

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Bringing the girls out for a nice Saturday walk. That's Chili. You can't see Cocoa in this picture. #chihuahua #doggy #baby #saturday

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Rayve Zen 郑维杰 is a screen and stage actor, writer and television personality currently based in Hong Kong and Singapore.

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