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One of the things I do besides acting and teaching acting is subtitling documentaries and films. Might not be the most attractive sounding of jobs but through observing and writing down what people are saying on camera, it sometimes fills me up with lots of emotions and a lot of thought.

In this latest project, an extract from Scientist in a Beret, I’m subtitling interviews of Professor Bill Goddard with his wife, Yvonne, who passed away recently and we’re making a remembrance video for her. It was great to listen to them talking about their love and family an...Read more

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Forget sales book. Look at this little friend of mine. She’s the best sales person I’ve ever met! #close #sales #chihuahua #dog

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Young boys should never be sent to bed. Happy Children’s Day, my friends. #children #childrensday #kid #tyke

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Cast of AZALEA that I shot with some really cool folks in 2015 inching closer to a 2018 release. #china #film #heilongjiang #vladivostok

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Earlier in my career and life, I did many stupid things. I made many mistakes. But I learnt from everything. I still make mistakes and I still learn from them.

The way back up might often seem long and arduous, but, with character and bravery, I believe I can be living proof that one can get back up on his feet and succeed.

grit #determination #fight #character

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Great catch-up with Daren and Nadia who are getting hitched next month. See you later in the week! #friends #singapore #lovebirds #hongkong @darentan @rayvezen @nadialum

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Throwback to 2 years ago filming with ACE Studios in Foshan, China. Being a little kid. #acestudio #film #actor #china

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In the jungle #jungleman #hk #rayveofthejungle #selfie

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Vegan meatball pasta Pam made a week ago. I wish there were more refined ways to describe how good this was but, alas, I’d do this great injustice to not say it was “F***ING TASTY” #pasta #vegan #yum #organic

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Great to meet Joe Fiorello a year after seeing him at the @alivenotdead event organized by Raffi Roupen #film #hk #hongkong #director @hkjoefiorello

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Rayve Zen 郑维杰 is a screen and stage actor, writer and television personality currently based in Hong Kong and Singapore.

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