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Back in Hong Kong and having a Mexican lunch with my beautiful woman #hk #mexican #hongkong #salsa

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Happy Duanwu Jie (Dragon Boat Festival) ! Here are some delicious dumplings my colleague bought in Xiamen. 端午节快乐!我同事在厦门买的粽子。#duanwujie #dragonboat #dragonboatfestival #china

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First few days of 啊憨 shoot + opening ceremony. 开机大吉!! #film #china #ceremony #team

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Stuff from a really cute Shanghai night market #shanghai #china #market #delicacies

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Had a great time sharing with students of Shanghai Film Academy. A group of really passionate filmmakers that seem to leave no stone unturned in their pursuit of quality. Lots of great questions and I had a really good time! #shanghai #film #academy #china 很高兴能和上海电影学院的学生分享我在影视圈的知识与经验。他们是一群非常勤奋,专业和热爱电影的好学生。每位都有敏锐的洞察力,看法很尖锐。问的问题都非常到位。上海电影学院-加油!?

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Before a good Dongbei cuisine dinner yesterday. Really grateful to be able to meet some veteran Chinese filmmakers who were so generous with sharing their knowledge and experience. #shanghai #china #film #dongbei 吃饭前。吃美味的东北菜!很高兴昨晚能认识几位睿智的朋友!

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Giving a speech at the Shanghai Film Academy in Shanghai University tomorrow #shanghai #film #education #actor

明日在上海大学的上海电影学院给个演讲 #上海 #上海大学 #上海电影学院 #电影

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A little bit of Mexico in Shanghai #mexico #shanghai #magaritas #china

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A visit to Shanghai Film Academy. #shanghai #shfa #sh #film

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2 things: Great Xiamen food and Cashless payment everywhere we went. Our director took us to all the best food places in Xiamen and I was surprised to find all these Singaporean food that originated in Xiamen i.e. Beef Hor Fun, Oyster Omelette, etc. Got some rice dumplings (Ba Zhang) off a roadside vendor too. And they paid cashless, 微信 style! Everywhere! I was the only one offering to pay in cash like it was yesterday's thing to do! Everyone from the young supermarket cashier to the older roadside fruit stall vendor who hardly spoke any English did WeChat payment...Read more

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Rayve Zen 郑维杰 is a screen and stage actor, writer and television personality currently based in Hong Kong and Singapore.

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