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Childhood friends from Highgate. My partner says we haven’t aged a day! #highgate #childhood #singapore #tohtuck

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Great meet up with Sonny Liew, winner of the Singapore Literature Prize and 3 Eisner awards.

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R: I know, before the Lee Man Hon era, there was Terry Pathmanathan... QS: Yes, Terry. The Western commentators used to mispronounce his surname. R: There was Quah Kim Song... QS: I am Quah Kim Song. R: You are Quah Kim Song. QS: Yes. R: Oh (beat) Oh my God! You are Quah Kim Song!

lions #singapore #kallang #quahkimsong

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One of the best things I appreciate being in show business over the years has been the fortune of gettin’ to know many friends and many good people. On top of that list is one of the most creative and kindest people I have met- my director for the 3 seasons of Club MAGIC, Rose Sivam. It was such a joy for Pam and I to go to @relishdotsg ’s dinner last night and to see Rose and her wonderful super cool family. The food was just mind-blowing (everything else is just going to taste bad from this point) and the entire night was just classy and enjoyable. Also having dinne...Read more

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“Get your a$$ kicked, you get back up, and you put the gloves back on, and you swing away.” -DJ ?: David LaPorte

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Undeterred by the first failed attempt, I told the security guard to video me. It was then when I realized 7 years of no tap classes had really taken its toll. #tap #crap #slap #trap

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Things to do while waiting for the elevator in Hong Kong. Try to pick remains of my college tap education. #tap #crap #flap #gap

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Anton Usikov, Kristina Pakhomova (LASALLE alumnus) and myself at the screening of William Kwok Wai Lun’s magnificent piece of work. #williamkwok #cinema #hongkong #independent

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Good morning, lovely. #chihuahua #chili #cute #dog

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Life's a boomerang, it'll give you back everything you've given to it. ?: David LaPorte

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Rayve Zen 郑维杰 is a screen and stage actor, writer and television personality currently based in Hong Kong and Singapore.

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