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Sakura all over Tokyo are full-bloomed now.

Because Sakura are really beautiful, I am very good feelings.

I hope to want you to come to Japan for you at this time because Japan is the most beautiful season!

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Season of Sakura

Sakura(Cherry blossoms) begin to bloom in Tokyo now.

Sakuraare very beautiful though it is not full-bloomed yet.

Will you think that Sakura looks nice the night sky?

I love Sakura in the night. :D

BTW, A very cool band was born in Japan again.

I went 1st live tour of AA= that held it in SHIBUYA-AX on March 24.

And I romped about the live. I became lig...Read more

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I went to 有樂町・TOHO CINEMAS日劇1 to see "DRAGONBALL EVOLUTION" screened earliest in the worlds on March 11.

There was a stage greeting by Justin Chatwin, Emmy Rossum, 田村英里子(Eriko Tamura) and 周潤發(Chow Yun-Fat) on this day.

By the way, a left gentleman of 發哥 is 周先生. He is my loved interpreter. :P

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Do U know 80's Japanese Punk rock movement?

Excuse me for my long silence.

My work was busy, and I had a lot of thought things.

About Punk Rock, Punk, Punk, Punk.....I thought about Punk Rock this week every day.

Did I keep thinking about the thing for a long time, why?

I love punk rock from adolescence.

After Punk had landed on Japan, Japanese Punk did original evolution.

Japanese grown rich when 80's comes, and dissatisfaction with the society has disappeared as for Japanese young people.

So...Read more

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Photo Collection @HK

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Scary Character, Again

I was back! :P

I finished drew the comic for mobile phone last week.

But, I should begin to draw the following next and next-next works.

(※This time, I did not take the pics. sorry!!)

I had gone to the New Year's party of COMIC BUNCH last week though I was working without sleeping the day before of the deadline.

Because 原哲夫(Tetsuo Hara)先生 and 北条司(Tsukasa Hojo)先生 did Read more

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☆・゚+ 。* ゚・.+´Happy New Year 2009`+.・´ ゚+ ・。

May the New Year turn out to be the happiest and the best for you.




By the way, I counted down at the new year while working.

As a matter of fact, I greeted the New Year while seeing the countdown Johnny's Johnny's live on TV. :P

The countdown is started at the deadline of my work. 。・゚・(ノД`)・゚・。

I look forward to your continued good will in the coming year.

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Christmas cake of Japanese style

* ・゚☆ .。HAPPY .:(o'ω'o)人(o'ω'o):.Xmas .:* ・゚☆ .。.:*

What do you expect from Santa? I hope all your wishes come true.


I am very very busy on work now.

I do not have the sleeping time either.゚+。(´-ω-`)。+゚

Therefore, I do not have Christmas this year.

I want to eat only the christmas cake at least.

By the way, I introduce the cake of Japan by this entry.

Christmas cake of Japanese style......It is a decoration cake of the sushi.Read more

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Stationery's Mania

Yesterday's Shibuya 109.

I saw while an ad was being posted with the 109 wall.

I learnt how to post over the ad of 109 for the first time today. LOL

I did not know that I had posted over the ad alternate lines.

By the way, Because of my work, I'm a stationery's mania.

I love new stationery to find and to be used.

Our efficiency of work i...Read more

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Japanese Mobile Phone's Contents Situation

I had much trouble making my comic's " Name" than I had expected.

(※about " Name"/ We...Japanese Manga-ka and Comic magazine's editor call "screenplay + storyboard" = " Name". "Name" is just like blueprint of Manga.)

My "Name" is very rough drawn though it wrote in Read more

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大家好! 呢個係介紹日本文化的blog. (mixture of 日文&中文&英文text...sorry!) I hope you will be a good friend to me. From Tokyo with Love. もちろん日本語で気軽にどうぞ。その方が私は気が楽なので。


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November 24, 2007