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pictures of me and the roomates/friends here in singapore...


That girl from that Tv show... where the people race around the world or somthing... lol


LOL could not help my self... walked by and saw the name of the bar and it was too damn funy to miss up on this photo op!


your breakfast is happy to see you

maybe i had some tuna on my fingers? lol loved this cat, was sooo fat! and talks so much! and has green eyes! come on... who has seen green eyes on a cat b4? shit....

the Skate park here in the middle of the city.

and this is how ghetto i am having to make my protein shake out of a damn mixing bowl... lol because we have no cups...

Felix my roomate...

Damn Right im GAMED i Keep it REAL!

it was a big peice of sushi... haha

rain my dear friend from KL, she left sg =[ had too many jobs in KL waiting...

Ha he trys to hard to be asian.... lol


so yeah.... was going to post about mate magazine that ishot for in bangkok. but some reason it wont load my pictures... maybe because its too big? well anyways... i have gay vista... and dont know how to resize pictures... so either way im screwed... will have to ask charlyn to do it for me later on ^.^

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Photo 38281
like i said im original madarin GANGSTER ;]
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Photo 38281
why you gota go and write chinese... i said i speak it, did not say i read it... lol
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