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My saturdaynight and Whatever was left of my sunday

Hey every one! really excited today, and well yeah woke up hungover... lol saturdaynight was the first time for me in a while to hit the party scene. felt like i needed to go celebrate got a big job comming up =] lipton print for china! and its paying.... alot. most ive ever got for a job and all for one picture! haha

well to get back about lastnight, went to california to have some drinks with my friend lai lai who is the manager there. and i guess there was some event going on and they were giving out drink cupons for like free dranks basicly... so i was like hey what the hell... thought to my self these are pretty girls, why not just keep asking for more tickets... they didnt want to give me more at first but then they gave in and i got like 5 drinks out of it! yay! haha then went up stairs to qube and man shotgun 2 coronas and had  quite a few vodka redbulls. saw alot of models i met in singapore and bangkok so i guess hk is the place to be and people expecting things to get heavy. then we make our way to kee club some crazy group was playing... dont know who they were but they just had on like mexican masks... and they were dancing around on stage... who cares.... i was drunk already and the music was good! so then my friend derek buys a bottle of champaiogn and i drank two glasses with in like 5min im sure... not to long at kee we started to move to volar... and it begins to pour down with heavy rain... so we are running to the club drunk in the rain. and i almost ate it on the floor. haha and then here we go. getinto volar and had few more drinks... and from that point i dont remember much, my memory fadded in and out. last thing i remember was walking out the club... and then i find my self waking up on the couch at home shirt off... throw up on the floor and my zipper down... so im looking at the mess telling myself no way i did that id remember. well i remember throwing up here and this mess but not that... right?

so then i looked at it closer and yeah... with out a doubt thats me, had my dinner.. hahah and from there i cleaned up my mess and went to my room and it was locked... and my keys were nowhere to be found... i was so scared thought i lost my keys and my phone. but then thought like hey wtf how did i get into the place if i lost them? soon enough i found them and gotinto my room and passed the fk out! haha.. so i guess we can go back and try and retrace and find out what happend with the unzipped zipper.... 1. i could had just went to pee and not remembering to close it 2. maybe i got some action lastnight? 3.... uhhh i tryed to take my clothes off but passed out half way... ahahaha i think would be a mix of 1 and 3.... dont think i was going to be able to do much if i was with a girl... haha

anyways so i wake up at 4pm.... bought CrispyCream a douzen.... ate 7.... and went iceskating... for like 15min. ha frieds just came up with it such last min. then had some detox drink.... which was celery... cucomber.... pineapple... and some berry...? dontknow what... but man it was so bad.... i felt worse after drinking that. really...

so yeah today i felt good. well not my body wise my person being. haha went to zara got my self a nice shirt. and then also to mongkok and got my self a airsoft hand gun!!!! YEAHHHHHH my First Hand Gun in asia! cost me 500HKD so cheap Glock 17 but i ended up there late and most shops were closed already. so i didnt buy my AK =[ so ill be going again tmr.... =D yup also am going to set somthing up this sunday to go out and airsoft. so if any one is interested in playing this weekend give me a shout. and ill post another blog about that and details later.

well right now its time to go to sleep, because tmr starts my gym training again and a new diet plan. its been to long since i been to the gym... so going to go hard at it.

feel good....


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OH ya baby congrat for your big job!
over 13 years ago
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forgot telling about our chicken pizza hahaha
over 13 years ago


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