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kinda weird to have this as my first blog. but ehh haha this is what i found that i thought was interesting. And i know there are alot of wushu people on And, no disrespect to it i love it, but from every thing ive learned there is no one martial art that can do you the best but a variety of them and skillz taught that do you the best all around.

Thank you for your time =]


My senior year in HS, senior Project Which styles of martial art is best suited for self defense in a street fight sinario.

haha got an A-

90% of street fights go to the ground, the art of brazilian jiujitsu is to take your opponents hight or strength advantage away from them. by taking away leverage they would have and need by standing.

take that away from them... and they have nothing... go for the weak points of the body, or just go cut off the head direct.

hope you enjoy my old ass video that i have dug up... haha


Video: http://youtube.com/watch?v=blVTRaBM_tg


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haha this is when dirty under wear plays a extra edge when you are trying to strangle some one... i mean just the smell would force them to tap out all alone =]
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