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Mate Mag

okay... so lets try this again... earlyer i could not post this blog that i wanted... but now i got smaller sized pictures... and lets see if it works...

so yeah shot for mate in bangkok, which is a german fashion magazine.

shot at a place which was like a sauna resort but for gays exclusive? but yeah it was interesting... just buncha ppl walking buy staring at us while shooting... haha so was funny also...

and the whole place had a crazy dungen theme, kinky? haha

but yeah hope you enjoy the pix...

other model is my friend cesar from brazil. he is half japanese.

and the photog is none other than ohm in the flesh =]



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Photo 38281
hahaha thanks alot silky. good looking out =]
over 13 years ago
Photo 38281
haha peachey i wonder why im all zipped up? maybe because when im standing next to him, his body destroys mine? LOL
over 13 years ago
Photo 38281
haha the V cut.... im to skinyy.... putting on weight so im working on that... lol damn this the last time im posting pictures like these on... lol
over 13 years ago


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