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well i guess people have been voteing for me all this time, because it wasnt untill yesterday all the votes started registering =X

had no idea i would even have this much suport and love. haha

well seems like vietnam  has a big or really rich family =P

well just wanted to thank everyone for your suport.


and today i will begoing into the agency to signup for Mr Hongkonk....

lol what am i even doing..? i guess i never really thought of doing these man pagents ever lol untill some one putme in one. and just lastnight my friend ethan is oneof the faces of mr hongkong for the billboards, and he jus told me lastnight lets go sing up... haha so i said what the hell why not... what if im destine to be a pagent boy? AHAHAHA

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lol i wont be doing mr hongkong because they knew i would win so they told me i must have a hk id or a hk passport... lol.... so whatever... my Canon Tvc came out the otherday will try and get a hold of it and post it up =] and thanks for your love char... and love of your self... but i love you too =P
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yo pagent boy ...... keep up teh good work , where do i go vote for ya ? ill throw in some love on my behlaf .... AHEM ....... I MEANT voting kind of love ...thats all man
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AHAHA man turns out every one i can not be in the mr hk contest... because i dont hold a hk id or passport... lol and i asked Why would they put a picture of a white guy in one of the posters'???? lol such false advertising and false hope! ahaha well its all good, a friend asked me if i have even seen the contest on tv b4... and i said no why? she said its very degrading for the men... lol i hear all the judges are cugars and they splash you with water during the swimwear portion of the contest... and then drool over you... and i said lol why not? AHahaha Well im staying home tonight and will party hard for AnD snday!!! also must call my momy ^.^
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