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june 26th (Macau)/Beer Pong 27th

so first of all i must thank faye and terence for letting me tag along for this trip to macau. and i owe yall one!

waiting around to meet up with everyone b4 heading out at the peakcaffe in soho. next thing you know its a AnD hang out... first Faye and i, then we see Race and Bey. didnt recognise who they were at first, untill Darren wonders in and knows Bey so then we all got up and finally were introduced to one another, all thought that we knew or seen eachotherfrom somewhere... haha but yeah one more artist popped by, but dont quite remember who she was. none the less fun fun... always fun and great meeting people from AnD

  well here goes, this part maybe a bit out of nowhre but i have noidea how to start it off... so yeah... i was able to go see the "vegas of the east" this past thursday, even knowing if the energy from the real LasVegas wasnt quite there yet... i think we will need to give it a few more years... but none the less was all a beautiful site. for dinner we went to a portuguese restraunt and had some really good food. portuguese style ofcourse... haha chilled there for dinner for quite awhile drinking some crazy spanish wine, which i would call it more like jungle juice... haha really good stuff... terrence kept topping me off... next thing you know i got the asian glow on full blast! like more red than i can ever remember. so after dinner i guess we split up, terrence, kate, amanda, antonio and henery went to shop for some snacks? then off for some massage. and then faye and i just skipped all that and went straight to the casino floor... haha and you all know ohm and i... we have a background in casinos... always gambeling and loseing... AHAHA well i must say the moment you step into the casino there... it was not the same as in America. no sounds of the slotmachines going off... no people cheering. really differnet from back home. but by all means dont get me wrong, the casino was 100x better than the ones in korea! they just sucked...

first things first, i really wanted to play texas holdem, had my mind set on that even befor we arrived in macau. but what do you know? only two casinos i guess hold the game and we wernt at one of them. lol so ended up to the next closest thing to that..... carribean stud poker. which is a game that totally blows... for you who are not familiar with that game. your just delt 5 cards.. and hope your hand makes somthing. and say if you do have somthing... you would have to hope its beating the dealers hand... and then you can double your bet.. or fold... then once the dealer flips his cards he has nothing to play with then your good hand wont win you shit but your first bet. unless the dealer has a pair to even start off with then it counts as a playing hand. but hell with that game whatever.... had 500 once i walked into the casino, played a few hours winning and then loseing it all on that game, so i said f this " faye please may i borrow 500?" and being the sweety she is i got 500, asked her to come play another game with me, but she was so sure about that game... she didnt want to leave. so i was like okay whatever then took off by my self... walked by the BIG or SMALL dice game... had no idea how to play... asked the dealer the rules, and he didnt speak a word of english... so i was just looking and said to my self, hey what the hell ill try it and just put 200 down on small... nextthing you know i won 400... and was like wtf...? trying to thnk how i won that. and started to finaly understand the game. haha so i started to make some crazy bets.... 200 on small 100 on double 3 and number 9 and dice 3... next thing you know i won it big... pay out was like hell i dont know... got like 2000. so i went back to faye super excited... and paid her back her 500 and started to play CSpoker with her again, not long after... lost about 1000, told my self you know what... Fk this game. and went with my friend to try and play black jack... never played black jack because i dont know how, always thought the dealer wins.... untill i saw my friend henery playing and just kep winning hand after hand and i asked him how the hell do you play like that? he tells me its just about counting the cards and give a proper guess of which card will turn out next... low or high. so then i started playing with him... soon enough i got this game down, pulled in 4000 for my self by the end of the night =]

after playing i went to hang out with the girls at Mbar for a while got to talk to amanda and only to find out that andrew and her are from my same hometown and wait thats not all... we live on like the same street and area! lol small world... so we had a nice chat about things back in our town. must say every one knows Rowland Heights for its bomb ass Taiwanese food!

so your all prolly wondering where the hell was terence the whole time? well he was doing a shoot in the MGM, dont ask me what was it about because he wasnt to sure about that him self... haha all he told me was its a romantic comedy? the scene was him breaking up with his gf, for a hotter girl...lol so well see when it comes out.

so friday morning we wake up and get things ready to go, went to a old school bakery that is well known i guess... forget the name. had some good eggtards... but the sandwich i had wasnt all that great. maybe i ordered the wrong things... =/

anyways we got backinto hk around 2 or so friday and had to rush off to a casting in wanchai... ended up getting off at the wrong mtr station... all while on my map i was looking at the right location... so i was in my mind right where i was suposta be... but nothing made anyscense on the map.... lol then started to get frustrated and it was hot... my shirt was drenched with my sweat... and not to soon after that my mood got very dirty... wanted to beat up people who were walking in my way really slow... thought of them as people who want to keep me away from AC and out in the heat to make my life hell.... lol trust me dont want to be next to me when im in this mode... but im sure everyone is te same way when they are walking in hk summer weather... =X but anyways, i soon find out where i was... and realised the stupidmistake i made... and was beating my self up for it... had to now take a cab to the casting... which the cab ride was byfar the best ever... made it to the casting and things were fne.


at night went out to dinner with some friends for a buddies last night in hk... he is heading off to singapore. so yeah he better enjoy his last nighthere in hk... we will see how long he can keep him self going there... knowing he is one of thoes guys who goes out pretty much everynight and gets to the blackout stage... cant quite do that in singapore, only on weekends... haha so went to qube for a little bit. and soon after to racks. qube got to crazy for me, too many models and it was just to small of a place. racks was way better! chilled out, talked to a few friends met up with. and played... BEER PONG! damn right... Beer Pong....

This is birdy... all 6'6 of him... haha going to miss the guy once he is gone.


Jessey & our fello AnD artist Ana =]


Birdy's gf Linda & I

if you are all wondering where were we for dinner, we ate at the sahara. morrocan food. really good! but hell is expensive.



at Qube


the guys Drunk at Qube...                       

                                   -Larry                  -Birdy                                               -Jess

                    -Jeff                                                            -ME



Now this is where we get Serious...

The Force is with me! evenknowing i missed quite a few shots that game.... =P

Faye giving it her all...






won all the games i played. and beat bob and terence... layed the smackdown on them. lol but must say it was a close game... them boys got their shit together.

Good Sports =]



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Aaaa i wanna go to Macau but im always out of money =( I bought one can to save coins and bills inside, the only way to get the money is breaking the can. So i think for the 1st time in HK ill have money! hahaha xD Are you going to softgun place today? Gah u still dont invite me to anything and now i dont even have a mobile to bother u OH HOLD ON SKYPE! haha xD
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dear helen, if you look closer in that picture that is not me... =P
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