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Formula1 Shoot

so today i had my job shooting for the singapore tourism baord for the F1 Races that will be taking place in september.

this will be the worlds first Night Race for the F1 World. and will take place in the heart of the city.

but yeah this will be for the billboard i guess world wide? hell if i know... but here are some pictures, and the lighting test. dont have the real deal sorry folks... =P


to think these damn kids jumping in with out anythought of how they will be getting out... i think they made the statues for these kids who eventualy drowed on this location... =X


lol both of us are having a bad hair day...

but hey we play characters who dont give a shit, and are rich! well seems more like she is the rich one and im the boytoy... so sorry helen i shot with another sugar mama! =P

why i still have them shopping bags in my hand i dont know.... kinda got use to carrying shit... haha

testing the lighting... had fun shooting this... haaha had afew goofey looks =P

and finally as i got home into the elivator i realized how rediculous this hair was... lol

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Photo 38345
You egotistical chinese boy... lol you jyust have to post it the first thing huh??? haha but you know i think you look good in that hair. and the yellow shirt, which i am sure you jacked.. if not, go get it.. u look good in it.. news on my end, guess what, natalie and pailin are going to do amazing race.. well actually they are shortlisted and will go to SG to do an interview.. am sure they will make it... and they will got picked, they are gonna be the first to go home.. haha ..both of them cant do shit, let alone walk...hahaha it will be so funny to see them on tv....cant wait.. and next year, it will be our turn... haha love ya me
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Photo 38281
beautiful city =] the only clean one you will find.... haha
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