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Just got back into Malaysia yesterday to finish the principle shooting of a movie called Kinta 1881.  I must say, even though I miss all my good friends in Hong Kong very very much, it's nice to get away after the whole Face magazine fiasco.

While on break I did an experiment regarding how fast a person can get from being in reasonably good shape to being in not-so-good shape. I discovered that with the constant intake of Doritos, marshmallow chocolate cakes, regular Coke, and oily carry-out foodstuffs, the turning of a decently defined abdominal region into a vague and squashy mess can be easily achived within virtually less than two weeks and in a less-than-gradual pace. 

I sacrificed much for this academic endeavor.  Use this information wisely. 

But I must say, it's fortunate that I'm only an action choreographer on this one.  But it made me feel good to see that most of the principle actors did an experiment similar to mine over their break as well.

Life is good my friends.


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wow that's crazy...two weeks? I have to say that I'm pretty much always on that experiment lol...the eating part anyways =P best of luck on your movie^^
over 12 years ago
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i'm interested in the sequel to your experiment... how long does it take to get your abs back? what was the face magazine fiasco?!?
over 12 years ago
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I know what you mean, eatings is just pure bliss! You can't be deprived from food, especially food that you can't resist, e.g dark chocolate. Well, enjoy your break! Hope, you had fun in Malaysia. Did you have Laksa? Did that contribute to your 'squashy mess'?
over 12 years ago
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Thanks for telling the results of your experiment. I'll keep that in mind.
over 12 years ago
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heehee... funny experiment. :)
over 12 years ago
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Welcome to Malaysia... How your opinion about Malaysia?
over 12 years ago
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Mental note to not let more than 2 weeks go by without consciously trying to eat healthy food!
over 12 years ago
Hello S.tee, actually I live in Hong Kong,, and am just working on this project in Malaysia (at 3 locations - KL, Ipoh, and Kumpor). and to answer Jinting, this is a beautiful country with a pace much slower than that of Hong Kong. The film industry here is still young in their expirence (especially with action films) so they had to fly our crew in choreograph and film the action for them. Good times :)
over 12 years ago
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Two weeks? Geez...how long is it going to take you guys to get back into shape? Hmm...I think I need to work out a bit longer at the gym now.
over 12 years ago
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hahah, i think it will take longer than 2 weeks to get the abs back.... or at least it always seems that way!
over 12 years ago
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hi Philip...came in ur page i think a few weeks ago when Patrick put ur page as an intro in his blog...just looked around...so is Kinta 1881 about the Chinese coming in to the Malaya Peninsular for mining of tin? interesting title... btw, nice to meet u!
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You know, your "diet" would have been okay if only you had diet Coke instead of regular Coke! haha! Good luck!
over 12 years ago
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It is interesting to read your blogs about Malaysia :D Sigh.. I would love to see you guys work on set. Which production house you worked with for the shoot?
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