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Couple weeks ago Daniel gave me this dvd at the boxing gym. He said: ' do u know this band? u should know them, pure punk, and this live concert is classic, peoples still talk about it.'

Just like Dan said, is classic!  Even the sound and video quality  was not that good but still i can feel the energy! Keeping it Raw, rocking that Hardcore!!! Respect! Thank U Daniel! I will watch it again with my Hardpack Brothers! Yeah! Madonna just drop her 11th studio album! What a great CANDY, don't miss it! Featuring many hit hot artists like Justin Timberlake, Timbaland, Pharrell Williams and Kanye West along with production credits from Timbaland, Timberlake, The Neptunes and Nate 'Danja' Hills as well as co-production from Madonna. Wendy Melvoin is guest guitarist on ' She's not me'.I though she is alien, over 50 years old still dance like school girl and  lead the music trend... come on!

I love this MV a lot, very very nice mash up! Wale: W.A.L.E.D.A.N.C.E Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G6b6MuwFqoo

\Last but not least, Ho Chiu aka MAMA just drop her brand new mandarin album ' Elastic Rock 'Great great album, no reason to miss this one![](/attachments/2008/05/34654_200805261351521.thumb.jpg) 固結搖滾應力觸發變形異象何超異變搖滾國語專輯“Elastic Rock” 黃貫中、范曉萱、恭碩良相約壓陣異變傑作 深情哀怨搖滾力作“ 黑眼圈” 破格淒美演繹 鄧麗君名作“償還”

由黃貫中監製,何超儀(何超)全新國語專輯《Elastic Rock》由范曉萱和恭碩良相約壓陣,何超儀此次是以搖滾 音樂為主題。這張這張是國語的搖滾專輯《Elastic Rock》共收錄了10首歌曲和4首MV,包括了 “不可靠” 、 “何超市” 、 “搖滾太太” 、 “酸葡萄” 和 “浮花” ,唱片封套的妖精 造型由著名形象設計師阿 Zing 所打造。

這首鄧麗君名作 “償還” ,由何超儀重新演繹,並於去年12月邀請了現已退出 香港娛樂圈的 ” 陳冠希” 客串出現在MV演出。在MV之中,陳冠希在 “償還” MV中扮演了掛在木架上的人肉公仔,寓意為情人償還一切。何超儀化了一個螢光的七 彩妝,表演精 彩。至於另一曲 “黑眼圈”,何超則唱出女性為男友捱出一對 “黑眼圈” 的深情與哀怨。


  1. 不可靠
  2. 何超市
  3. 搖滾太太
  4. 酸葡萄
  5. 浮花
  6. 償還
  7. 浪裏汗
  8. 黑眼圈
  9. 秘密的傷
  10. 愛情靈藥

My personal choice: 不可靠,浪裏汗,何超市.

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