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Mozart The Bunny


New person in the family.


Let me introduce you all to Mozart!


He's named Mozart although, we're not sure yet, if it's a boy or a girl. So to be continued!


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Auditions for Erasmus and Montage of Reiki completed


Yup, you read it in the title!


it has been one hell of a w-e!


Saturday morning at 10 am, started the second day of the Erasmus Auditions! http://www.facebook.com/pages/Erasmus-The-Series/36520659606?ref=nf

So me, Marie and Annelien attended the audtion and watched over some great actors and actrices that definitely showed some skills.

Now check how...Read more

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X-Box 360, anyone?


Hey all,

I bought an xbox 360 not to long ago with a few games.

And ofcourse I tried the xbox live service, and I gotta say that it is a blast!

Specially Halo 3! Seriously, it's great to play online, since I'm always packed with work, and don't have lots of time to play videogames, that online solution is definitly the best!

So anyone has an xbox around here?

And which games do you guys play online?

You can check my xbox live which is rpedro82


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They always misspel my name


God everytime,

seriously, everytime I do an interview I always warn the journalist that my name is Chaves and not Chavez.

Well, guess what? 80% of the time they spell it Chavez.

Now, how is that possible? Is it because a wrong twist of faith that makes everyone add a Z at the end of my name, or do I inspire people into believing that I might have ties with the president of Venezuela?

Then again, the mistery remains.

And here is the last article I appeared in with Mel Hartman.

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Red vs Blue

Red vs Blue

A serie inspired by the game Halo,

but don't let that stop you,


that serie is one of the most brilliant series of those last year.


The strenght lies in the characters and the dialogues, hilarious situations and amazing characters. And it gets better and better.

5 seasons and a movie already. And hopefully more to come.

And it's so adictive!

Small detail: the sound during the first 5-9 episodes isn't amazing but gets WAY better afterwards!<...Read more

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Reiki Gang working on the montage


This Saturday and Sunday, Martin, Davideand Marie, stayed at my place to view the whole movie.

On t...Read more

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The Good, The Bad and The Weird

Finally got my hands on this amazing movie!

The Good, The Bad and The Weird

This movie was in Cannes last year, and the trailer was one of the best ones I saw in a long time.

The story of three Korean outlaws in 1930s Manchuria and their dealings with the Japanese army and Chinese and Russian bandits. And they all want one thing, the map to a treasure!

The movie is 139 minutes, and honestly they are all amazing, no moment of boreness,

great acting, great directing, great soundtrack!

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European AnD artists Unite


I'm just wondering, how many AnD artists are in Europe at the moment and where?

Who knows, it might create events, friendships and new collaborative works!


So gather here folks and say where you are in Europe!






Here is a list of the AnD European artists: (I'll updated it continually)

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Contracts, Angela Aki and Dragon Ball Evolution


Howdy folks,

yesterday I met up with another Belgium AnD artist, Miss Mel Hartman, writer of the books "Fantasy Hunters", and that meeting was not only an entertainment meeting but also a business meeting.

Now what does that mean: it means I'll be doing the movie adaptation of her books into the big screen.

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4th Drawing for the Reiki Comic


Reisha I. Kirin (aka Stephanie Carswell who is also on AnD)

Design by Reni Wong

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