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Taiwan and Japan Recap

So hello, I’m back! I’ve been recovering from my trip (jet lag and a cold).

Taiwan was good, but the days went by fast. We (my parents and I) pretty much went there to see relatives, eat, shop, eat, ride the high speed rail, eat, shop, eat, and EAT. I took many photos of FOOD in both Taiwan and Japan. Unfortunately, I only had the camera on my phone and I have no idea how to get it onto my comp.

Japan was beautiful. We were in Osaka. Got to see many sights and eat lots of delicious food in good portion. I must sa...Read more

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Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope those of you who celebrate this holiday get your fill of turkey and all that. I’m sad, cuz’ I won’t be :[ But I’m hoping that maybe the airplane will have some makeshift Thanksgiving dinner for us. Haha.

Anyway, I doubt I’ll be coming online much in the next 2 weeks. I’m off to Taiwan and Japan! Taiwan to see relatives and Japan cuz’ I’ve never been. I’m very excited :] Maybe I’ll have pics to share when I come back!

Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving again. To those of you who are supporters of what I do…I am very ...Read more

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WEST 32ND opens in Korea - November 22!

From xanga.com/mike2cents

West 32nd opens in Korea on November 22. I am writing this to ask for your help. I don’t have a very strong network out in Seoul, but I thought like many of us in the states, we have friends and family in Korea. So I am calling out to you to help get the word out.

The film opens on NOV 22 through CGV Theaters in Seoul. It will be opening in li...Read more

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Big Phony x FR*A

My good friend, Bobby aka Big Phony, is featured on FR*A this week! Check out the full article here: http://futurerockstarsofamerica.com/blog/feature/issue-003/big-phony/

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FR*A Issue 003

Editing three vids within 48 hours = zombie o_O

Issue 003 shirt commercial w/ Cherie Roberts and Aiko Tanaka:

Issue 003 first feature: BLACKFIRE. Very cool Native American punk rock band:

“Music & Politics”


More at ...Read more

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Giant Robot Biennale + Crash Mansion

This past Saturday, Daniel and I went to the opening night of the GR Biennale at the Japanese American National Museum in Little Tokyo. I didn’t realize it was going to be such a huge thing. Ran into a bunch of people! So I didn’t even really get to look at the artwork! Pretty much just talked with people the whole time >_100307_gr.jpg

...Read more
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Hawaii recap

So Aiko and I flew into Hawaii last Friday night and stayed until Wednesday. Here’s a brief recap:

Friday night. We just walked around Waikiki and got some dinner and drinks at Duke’s. To our disappointment, the sashimi was horrible (tasted like plastic). But we probably shouldn’t have been ordering sashimi at a place where it’s known for steak and burgers. Ha.

1007_dole_cannery1.jpgRead more

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what if…

I started blogging again? Like, real blogging. Not just plug, plug, plug. And actually became a human again? Ha.

Btw, FINISHING THE GAME opens in LA, OC, SD, and MN today! Check it out: www.youoffendmeyouoffendmyfamily.com


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Whiskey Green Tea

Whiskey Green Tea

The boys from FM are having a party this Thursday and they’re introducing us to a special drink straight from Asia! Whiskey Green Tea. Hmm…sounds kinda good to me. You can sign up for the guestlist here: www.openanimalhouse.com.

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Future Music Video Stars of America!

Nice. The DC APA Film Fest has adapted “Future Rockstars of America” into their very own online music video program! Looks like there will be one new music vid everyday of the fest. And guess what? It’s sponsored by the FR*A ;]


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