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No need for a shrink 不用看心理醫生

At my previous job, I was so lucky to have the great honour to meet with many of the Shaw Brother classic movie stars including my childhood idol, Miss Cheng Pei Pei who is the mother of our well-loved artists here, Marsha Yuan and Eugenia Yuan.  I still have faint memories of seeing Cheng Pei Pei in a Chinese swordplay movie "The Shadow Whip" in 1970 when I was only an infant and when Cheng was known as  the “Queen of Swords” at that time.  In the year 2002 (32 years afterwards...), to my utter surprise and pleasure, when I met Cheng Pei Pei, for the first time, in Cannes because one of Cheng's classic movies "Come Drink With Me" was selected by Cannes for Official Screening under the restoration category, she still looked as beautiful and graceful as how I had always remembered her to be!  And next to her I saw her beautiful daughter Marsha...

Coming back to my point of what I meant by "No need for a shrink" , I had taken the opportunity at that time to chat with my idol during our free time when we did not have to deal with the international press.  I asked Cheng how come many beautiful actresses like Lin Dai, Loh Ti, Dou Juan, Mo Chou.. they were all soooooo beautiful but they all committed suicide at a very young age???!!!!!  Cheng thought for a while and then told me that she thinks it is because in those days being a star was very lonely.  The communication system and transportation system and everything was not the same as it is now.  So, when a star encountered any stress, frustrations or difficulties like anybody else would, they did not easily have many friends to share them with who could console them, unlike those who had to work in factories or in an office...

After making the above long blurbs, my point is I can see that not just the stars and the artists in this platform, even as one of the fans, we are not alone.  After joining for just more than a week, I can feel that there are many friends here who are supportive to each other.  That's what I mean by "No need to see a shrink" - even though it is a rather common practice for us busy city people to do nowadays in the high stress city life style we are in.  We can save on those expenses rather and spend them in watching more movies and buying more music records, and books, instead and we can have many happy and healthy stars and artists to keep producing good work for us to see! Thanks to Alivenotdead.com.  YEAH! 

(I might translate this message into Chinese later if anyone feels the need.)

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Stephen 93 stephen
I didn't realize that there was such a problem of suicide as you had mentioned. I think that with the increased pressure today of the rampant papparazzi invading more and more on celebrity privacy and the increasing tension to maintain separate public and private lives, the isolation now is more than before. I really hope that a platform like Alivenotdead can help artists of all levels to communicat with their fans (and with each other) so that fans can get a better insight on the "real face" behind the public persona and hopefully that decreases their appetite for the made-up stuff they see in the tabloids that they are currently forced to digest.
about 13 years ago
Photo 15891
Agreed, some great insight there into what more this site can provide.
about 13 years ago
Rottendoubt a4 patrick
this is a great blog entry! thanks!!!
about 13 years ago
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Yes, you are right. I feel so happy to join alivenotdead.com, here, I can write down my feeling, share my happiness, learn more what other people are doing; esp., I just moved to SZ for 3 months, and lives is so different fm. HK/ Taipei. This is the place I don't feel alone. Thks alivenotdead.com!
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