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My dream is soon to come true....

I have not been blogging or contacting my friends here

for a while because I have been working hard on my

debut feature film to be shot next year!  Yes, that's right!

My dream is soon to come true....

For now, I have just been listed on IMDB for a couple of

short films that I made some time ago (see below). 

Next year, there should be a "real" one to be added! 

Yeah!  Will certainly keep everyone posted on its progress. 



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Photo 12272
Congrats and Good luck!
over 10 years ago
Photo 16256
Exciting! Looking forward to it.
over 10 years ago
Photo 28042
Wonderful news Patty. Let us know some details as soon as you can. You have a built-in fan base here.
over 10 years ago
Photo 1410
Ahh!!! Will be stalking IMDB every now and then for more updates now! LOL. Keep 'em coming!
over 10 years ago
Photo 15891
WOW!! Good luck, be very proud of all that youv'e accomplished thus far!
over 10 years ago
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Very cool! Congratulations! Are you able to disclose what the film is going to be about?
over 10 years ago
Photo 35751
oh, that's so exciting good luck and keep us posted!
over 10 years ago
Photo 24183
Thank you to everyone's support. Each one of your encouragements means a lot to me! ;-)
over 10 years ago
Chungtsang 5b chungtsang
over 10 years ago
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Wow, fantastic. Looking forward to it if we get a chance downunder. Can't wait to see what Gordon has been up to!
over 10 years ago
Rottendoubt a4 patrick
over 10 years ago
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jia you!
over 10 years ago


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