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我的畫作, 被製成 iphone 4 保護殼了 | My drawing was be an iphone 4 case product | おれの絵は iphone 4 case になる

在下榮幸受到創意團體 "Screw-Concept" 的邀請, 把我的畫作製成 iphone 4 保護殼, 列入他們的 iphone 4 case  "The desinger collection" 專案其中一個售賣的作品, 這個系列現在已擺放在 Page One 及 Seibu-Loft 發售了, 其他參與這個系列的幾位設計師, 都是十分出色的, 而其中灰色包裝的(如圖), 就是我的作品. (謝謝Lawrence @ Screw-Concept 的邀請)


As the amazing Group "Screw-Concept" invited, my drawing is production on the iphone 4 case with the "The desinger collection" project, it was lauched and being sold in Page One and Seibu-Loft, there're a couple of great designer's works in this collection, and my case is the one have gray colour packing (as the pic) in there. (Thanks Lawrence @ Screw-Concept)

Screw-Concept Offical Website


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thz Etchy :D
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Good work!!!
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re Zada & Terry, thz thz :D
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re 阿術, 謝謝, 我會繼續努力 :D
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