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Happy Chinese New Year & [Modern Home Magazine] issue 01 / 2012

祝各位朋友龍年事事順景, 身體健康, 生意興隆, 步步高陞 :D

Happy Chinese New Year to EVERYONE :D

[Modern Home Magazine] issue 01 / 2012 was published, this time in my column , I am talking about the old memories & those culture disappear, and the follow is online version, if you like to forward my article, please tag / mention my name also, thanks a lot. :D


[MH 摩登家庭] 2012 年 1 月號出版了, 這次我在專欄中談及香港的老回憶與消失的舊文化 ,有興趣的朋友請到以下網址瀏覽線上版, 如果想轉載的話, 請注明出處, 應激不盡。 :D


[MH 摩登家庭] 2012 年 1 月號公開しますた, こんかいはむかしメモリと消えての古い文化のはなし


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Happy New Year!
almost 8 years ago
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almost 8 years ago
Rottendoubt a4 patrick
happy cny! =D
almost 8 years ago
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re Patrick , Violette, Etchy, happy cny , 新年快樂 :D
almost 8 years ago


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