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Can I send you the 2012 Calendar Post Card ? / 我可以把2012名信片年曆卡送給你嗎 ?

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我(茶色金魚– draculatoki)與插畫師Toki Cheung創作了新一年(2012)年的年曆卡,手上還有點存貨,喜歡的朋友請告訴我你的通訊地址,我會盡快安排寄給你的;這年曆卡還會製成電腦/手機wallpaper的,請大家期待,感謝你們的支持。 

Me(茶色金魚– draculatoki)and the illustrator Toki Cheung made the 2012 Calendar Post Card, anyone wanna get it please leave a message & send your address to me, will try to send you ASAP; be the way the Post Card will be re-size to the computer & cellphone wallpaper, please look forward on it, thanks for support, i love you all.


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over 8 years ago
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ah~ looks fun. I want I want
over 8 years ago
Ill 11 2011 01
re polina, not bad , same old days , and u ? :D
over 8 years ago
Ill 11 2011 01
to rorreta, sure , give me your address by PM, also in here or weibo http://weibo.com/draculatoki , facebook :D
over 8 years ago
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thanks for sending it over to the AnD office!
over 8 years ago
Ill 11 2011 01
re Etchy, u are welcome :D wish u guys have a happy 2012
over 8 years ago
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Thankkkkss I got it.. :D
over 8 years ago
Ill 11 2011 01
re Zada, yeah !! :D
over 8 years ago


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