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computer jokes|與電腦有關的笑話 |与电脑有关的笑话

1.  I want my husband pay more attention to me.  Got any perfume that smells like computer?

  1. The computer says I need to upgrade my brain to become compatible with its new software!

3.  I asked my dad where the childern came from, he said people download them from the internet.

  1. You said I should spend more time with our childern, so I turned their faces into icons.

  2. My name was David, but that sounded old fashioned, so i shorten it to DVD.

  3. Hello, Bob...Read more

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A recent interview

****   《 身 份 危 機 》陶 傑 、 劉 綽 琪 , 當 年 的 三 隻 犀 牛 今 日 二 缺 一 , 再 度 聚 首 隨 口 o 翕 , 開 口 埋 口 又 中 又 英 講 的 卻 統 統 是 身 份 問 題   http://www.vdonext.com/index.php?fuseaction=Features.Archive&programid=661150&channelid=543210

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something interesting!












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nothing much|小小分享 |小小分享

sorry that i havent written here for quite a while.  a lot of things had happen.  my room-mate's little brother suicided in NY last week and i feel so terrible, he is only 21 and one more semester to go.  i asked my room-mate to invite him to our place for vacation since he had some court case to deal with and couldnt go to school during the whole summer (he kind of had some mental problems start early this year).  but then, you knowt the traditional chinese family, always want to hide the family member who has mental illness (my ...Read more

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又一傑作- 金句: 蛇有蛇路, 鼠有鼠路, 若你冇路,皆因為冇料到!

"Snake has snake's road; rat has rat's road, if u hv no road, u must so so" 哈哈哈!

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The death of MJ - Who is the murderer?


After MJ died, I have a lot of thoughts in my mind, I did not want to write anything about it back then coz everyone was like so sad or already saying too much.  Till now, every time I read news about MJ, I feel not just sad but also guilty as well.  Finally, I decided to put my thoughts down.


I still remember the week before MJ died, all US magazines are still laughing his look, behaviour, gossip his health....etc and even calling him names like Weirdo/Jackco......etc.  The funnie...Read more

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Andy and Carol|劉德華和朱麗倩|刘德华和朱丽倩

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和尚與屠夫 從前有一個和尚跟一個屠夫是好朋友。和尚天天早上要起來念經,而屠夫天天要起來殺豬。為了不耽誤他們早上的工作,是他們約定早上互相叫對方起床。 多年以後,和尚與屠夫相繼去世了。屠夫去上天堂了,而和尚卻下地獄了。 Why? 因為屠夫天天作善事,叫和尚起來念經,相反地,和尚天天叫屠夫起來殺生…… 小哲理:做的東西是不是都是你認為對的,卻不一定是對的。

【一道終身受用的測試題】你開著一輛車 在一個暴風雨的晚上 你經過一個車站 有三個人正在焦急的等公共汽車 一個是快要臨死的老人,他需要 ...馬上去醫院。一個是醫生,他曾救過你的命,你做夢都想報答他。還有一個女人/男人,她/他是你做夢都想嫁/娶的人,也許錯過就沒有了。你的車只能在坐下一個人,你會如何選擇? 我不知道這是不是一個對你性格的測試,因為每一個回答都有他自己的原因。 老人快要死了,你首先應該先救他。 你也想讓那個醫生上車,因為他救過你,這是 個好機會報答他。 還有就是你的夢中情人。錯過了這個機會。你可能永遠不能遇到一個讓你這麼心動的人了。在200個應徵者中,只有一個人被雇傭了,他並沒有解釋他的理由,他只是說了以下的話: '給醫生車鑰匙,讓他帶著老人去醫院,而我則留下來陪我的夢中情人一起等公車!' 每個人我認識...Read more

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commercial shooting in L.A.|在L.A.拍廣告|在L.A.拍广告

i will be shooting a commercial here in LA for a japanese product, pretty exciting about it coz this is some kind of an experience ma |我會在L.A.這裡為一個日本品牌拍攝廣告,真的很興奮,因為這怎麼說也是一種經歷嘛|我会在L.A.这里为一个日本品牌拍摄广告,真的很兴奋,因为这怎么说也是一种经历嘛

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wow, wow, to myself, i finally finish painting my house. i wanted to paint it for so long, but keep on being so lazy, finally, all walls and cabinets are painted in the color i like, "pure white". maybe, it is a bit too white, but i like it, hooray |哇,哇,忍不住為自己歡呼,我家的粉刷工程終於結束了。很久以前就想把房子粉刷一下了,但一直太懶了,終於,所有的牆面和櫥櫃都油上了我喜歡的顏色,“純白”。或許,有點太白了,但我喜歡,萬歲!| 哇,哇,忍不住为自己欢呼,我家的粉刷工程终于结束了。很久以前就想把房子粉刷一下了,但一直太懒了,终于,所有的墙面和橱柜都油上了我喜欢的颜色,“纯白”。或许,有点太白了,但我喜欢,万岁!

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