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translation of the last story blog

here you go (I am just going to translate the story briefly) :

A blind man and his dog died together and went up to heaven, there was an angel at the gate and told them : there is only one quota left to go into heaven, so only one of you two can get in & how shall we decide on that? the blind man said : why dont my dog & I have a race? The ... See Moreangel was like "you shitty man, you know your dog is going to following you and not running faster than you do". anyway, the race started and the guy just walked slowly and his dog walked at the same speed as of his owner. Finally, they arrived at the gate of heaven and the blind man ordered his dog to sit. Again, the angel was like "he is really a shitty man". But something strange happened, the blind man walk backwards and order the dog to get into the gate but the dog wont listen, he followed his master. The blind man said : I knew he would not go to heaven without me. i walked slowly because this is the first time i am able to see my dog and i wanted to take a good look of him. i ordered him to sit because I wanted him to go to heaven. then the blind man and his dog both went down to hell and the angel regretted so much. the angel is like "they both deserve to get in and they werent two different individuals. the two of them become one person.

and the point of this story - i guess is friendship and never judge anyone, even Angel can be wrong!

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judging others is tricky.... but its human nature!
over 10 years ago
Rottendoubt a4 patrick
oh that is a wonderful story!!! reminds me of the story of hachiko: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hachik%C5%8D
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