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I Pity, Pity

dear all

i dont know how to start this article. i want to be the most honest to all my loved ones. so here it goes...

i am not going to work for the drama series "fly butterfly" anymore because i refuse to work for another role in another drama series for that executive producer (the reason i refuse that role is because i dont think that role is suitable for my image and simply,i just dont want to do it) . then, he threatened me that if i dont do it, he would pull me out from "fly butterfly" even though i already started working. that is ridiculous - are we back to "ching dynasty"??

forcing someone to do the work, threatening people with their power, disregard the consequences and quality of the drama series, wasting extra money.....etc. i certainly pity such person with such narrow mind thinking and evil character. may god bless him and grant him the wisdom to look around the world more and be more updated with the world and finally be able to produce a good piece of work. may god bless him!

i know the new management of ATV is working very hard to change, to make a success and certainly put a lot of efforts into everything. i admire their hard work and spirit. however, as long as this type of "old staff" still hang around, i doubt their efforts will come to any award.

but i do thank that person coz now i am going to enjoy all the coming holidays with all my loved friends and family. I love you all.


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Mark moran in spokane 920x920
Yeah . it's better for one's emotional health to distance themselves from that kind of situation. I hope you have a great holiday with all your family and friends. Jiayou in all your future projects!
almost 13 years ago
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Add oil, dont give up Ah Ki
almost 13 years ago
Tinlunlau 06 tinlunlau
My prediction? (And no offense, Patricia) This will make it to the headlines and the media is going to twist your words in a way that it sounds completely ludicrous. Then, you'll have to go through the trouble of having to explain the same thing over and over again till it gets very exhausting. The media is such a predictable predicament. (Am I saying it right? I'm a little drunk now.) Anyway, good luck and have fun! Another thing you might consider is playing a role unsuitable for your image can be a great challenge in the life of an actor. That's what makes acting fun in the first place. But if you don't want to do it, who's gonna stop you? Look at Jim Chim. Who ever thought he can play so many roles in a 5 minute skit? He plays plumbers, married housewives, little kids, all in one shot.
almost 13 years ago
Redgate profile
I support you in your choice to stand up for what's right. Sometimes we have to make the hard choice to do it, but in the end we will be blessed because of it. I pray God's blessing for you as you follow through, and good job on having a right perspective!! Jia you! God bless, Melly
almost 13 years ago
Img 0185rs
Yap, you are right, actors should try all different things and willing to take all challenging. but what happen if the script and role is not challenge but a piece of crab, do you still want to take the risk. the reason for this blog is to be honest and who cares about what media is going to say and twist the meaning. the most important is that you guys get my meaning, right?
almost 13 years ago
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patricia: i am glad you are using this space to get YOUR words out to the public, that is one of the great things about blogs. no matter what they try to do, your fans will know the truth. I salute you for putting your foot down and not letting people try to bully you! we need more people like you in the entertainment industry!
almost 13 years ago
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sorry to hear about that... but enjoy the holiday with your family and friends.. and Let the New Year bring you new adventures =)
almost 13 years ago
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sorry to hear that. but i'm glad that you're brave enough to do what you want and refuse the trash stuffs. respect. so enjoy your holiday with your family and friends, that's more meanful! add oil!
almost 13 years ago
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you go girl! like u, i dont like to be threatened or ~ blackmail. i agree that the script and the role has to be good in order for us audience to be entertained... like u said, if it's a crappy storyline who wants to act in it. anyways, great that u now can enjoy ur holidays w/ ur loved one. <><
almost 13 years ago
Tinlunlau 06 tinlunlau
I don't know... There's one reason why I never bother with watching Chinese drama series. There's too many constraints and you are usually expected to act the same way. It gets rather boring and I can imagine that is why so many people have left TVB in the first place. They love to typecast their actors. Whatever happened to quality producers like 鄧特希﹖ His shows were classy and the characters he writes have character. And "Healing Hands" sucked after he left TVB. It's like TVB knows they don't even need to try because they know they'll get good ratings. At least, ATV tries and they've made their point many times.
almost 13 years ago
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I'm sorry to hear that. But it's better to get away from that type of situation. Have a great holiday!
almost 13 years ago
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That sucks. I'm so sorry you have to deal with the controlling (probably evil) executive producer. Have a good holiday.
almost 13 years ago
Rottendoubt a4 patrick
no matter what happens we all support you!!!
almost 13 years ago
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*clapping hands* Good for you.
almost 13 years ago
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Prays for heavenly blessing you!
almost 13 years ago
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so crazy and support you!! i have noticed this news on the internet, but dont know the details..... i think there are two kinds of actors in this world~~~ some of them are living for the drama. but at the same time, the dramas are servicing to the other kind of actors~~ dont let the drama control you add oil!!!
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