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Writing my Script

Hey everyone,

Hopped onto my laptop to early this morning to write my scrīpt. I'm currently writing a story that I have been developing for over 2 years now. It's a tricky story so I'm trying to really take everything into consideration such as location shooting, budgeting etc. Also - the story is currently really tricky and so many overlapping events so need to think more simpler since our audience may not fully understand the complexity of th scrīpt. All in all - I'm aiming to have to scrīpt done in about a month or so - from there onwards to scouting for funding (the fun part haha). I think that the story is really unique on it's own - some of my favorite films include: Fight Club, Momento, Vanilla Sky, more epic films I like are Blade Runner, Ghost in the Shell, Akira, Aliens, Kingdom of Heaven, Terminator 1 and Predator. My  goal is to be an epic film director and going to gear up initially doing some small budget films and work my way to doing Epic. I've always wanted to do a Blade Runner type story, something sci-fi, but not too out of this world - something believable, something that people can relate too. Since my background is comics - I see my work coming out more like Frank Miller Sin City or 300. I also really enjoyed Buffalo66 style of Directing - One thing I love love love the most is directing people. To bring out there emotions and to push them to their limits.

Anyways have a goodnight everyone and more pictures coming up soon!


Pat Lee

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Good luck with the script.
about 16 years ago
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Hello~ congrats on the Esquire, looking forward on more movie/anime sessions! should do it over karaoke with AnD peeps next time!
about 16 years ago


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