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Hey Folks,Before leaving Toronto we celebrated my niece's 4th birthday. She is such a princess. Here is a picture of her blowing out the candles haha! Like puff the magic dragon. POOF! There was an error in my flight coming back to HK - due to some miscommunications with the travel agency, but luckily that happened as I had to finalize some development work for client in Toronto. It was time to leave Toronto and head back to Hong Kong for a bit. Will be traveling to Japan soon - I can't wait for that - business as usual but looking forward to hit a few local shops while I'm there and pick up some toys/art etc. whatever my eyes flare for. Japan is scary cause you come back with an empty wallet, just too many things to buy there.Currently, I've been pummeling away on the ORIUS comic book. This chapter is a ton of fun because it's where all the answers start clicking into place. The next chapter of Orius will be coming out shortly online and we'll let everyone know when it does! Hasn't hit the US market yet, waiting to complete the entire series first - but really excited about reading the series with all the artwork when it's complete![](/attachments/2009/04/24/04/23160_200904240430283.thumb.jpg)We just updated the www.patleeproductions.com website. I wanted to go with the UFO theme. I'm happy with out the flash elements turned out with the ufos zipping around. Check it out when you get a chance to. ;)Been swamped mostly working on ORIUS since it's coming to conclusion and have been holding quite a number of meetings with our film project - which will become a comic book as well in the near future. We're on 4th draft of the screenplay and it's coming along nicely. Great thing is that it gets better and better each passing revision - a lot of work, but definitely worth it.I'm starting to collect other artist's artwork now. The most recent one I got was an original SheOne piece. Looking to get a KAWS piece in the future - that would be sweet. Been at GarageWorks quite often working on something interesting. My vacation was super nice - and always great to see my family back at home. Till the next time, take care, peace, love and prosperity.Pat Lee |嗨各位,

離開多倫多之前,我們慶祝了我外甥女四歲的生日。她真是一個小公主。這有一張她吹蠟燭的照片,哈哈!好像噴出了神龍,噗~~~ 因為旅行社的一些誤導我回香港的航班有一點錯誤,但是幸運地是我正好為多倫多的客戶完成了一些開發工作。  該離開多倫多,有點想回香港了。不久後還要去日本履行-我已經迫不及待了-一切照舊但是期待在我呆的地方找到一些當地的小店買點玩具和藝術品等等。不管我眼睛怎樣放光,日本都是讓人擔驚受怕的,因為你回來的時候會帶著一個空錢包,因為要在那買太多東西了。最近我在連續出擊ORIUS這本漫畫書。這一章很有意思因為所有的答案都會浮出水面。ORIUS的下一章將會在線連載,我們會讓每一個人都知道發生了什麼。還沒有出擊美國市場,等等先完成整集--但是閱讀已經完成的系列作品令人相當興奮!!我們在www.patleeproductions.com 網站上進行更新,我想采用UFO主題。我很高興這個閃爍的元素創造出飛碟閃過的效果。有機會你點擊查看。自從有了結果並且和我們的電影項目舉行了大量會議後,已經被淹沒在了ORIUS大部分工作中---不久的將來,這部電影也會變成一本漫畫書。我們起草了四次劇本,它會進展地很好。最棒的事是每一次的修改版都越來越好---盡管做了大量的工作,但是很值得!!


我的假期超級棒,在家裡看到我的家人總是很開心。直到下次見面,保重,平安,相愛和繁榮! Pat Lee|嗨各位,

离开多伦多之前,我们庆祝了我外甥女四岁的生日。她真是一个小公主。这有一张她吹蜡烛的照片,哈哈!好像喷出了神龙,噗~~~ 因为旅行社的一些误导我回香港的航班有一点错误,但是幸运地是我正好为多伦多的客户完成了一些开发工作。  该离开多伦多,有点想回香港了。不久后还要去日本履行-我已经迫不及待了-一切照旧但是期待在我呆的地方找到一些当地的小店买点玩具和艺术品等等。不管我眼睛怎样放光,日本都是让人担惊受怕的,因为你回来的时候会带着一个空钱包,因为要在那买太多东西了。最近我在连续出击ORIUS这本漫画书。这一章很有意思因为所有的答案都会浮出水面。ORIUS的下一章将会在线连载,我们会让每一个人都知道发生了什么。还没有出击美国市场,等等先完成整集--但是阅读已经完成的系列作品令人相当兴奋!!我们在www.patleeproductions.com 网站上进行更新,我想采用UFO主题。我很高兴这个闪烁的元素创造出飞碟闪过的效果。有机会你点击查看。自从有了结果并且和我们的电影项目举行了大量会议后,已经被淹没在了ORIUS大部分工作中---不久的将来,这部电影也会变成一本漫画书。我们起草了四次剧本,它会进展地很好。最棒的事是每一次的修改版都越来越好---尽管做了大量的工作,但是很值得!!


我的假期超级棒,在家里看到我的家人总是很开心。直到下次见面,保重,平安,相爱和繁荣! Pat Lee

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u seem nice bloke always sharing yr life with others. that's good , keep going! x
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Rottendoubt a4 patrick
i'm on vacation now visiting my family. how weird!! wonder twin powers .... ACTIVATE! =) checked out your site. i like it!
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Photo 28042
Is the screenplay for an animated movie or a live action movie? Hope you can employ some artists from AnD to play the characters.
9 年多 ago | flag as spam
a princess cake for a princess. Perfect! A trip to the Disney store (site) and she can get the dress too ;)
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Photo 42829
Welcome back & enjoy yr shopping in Japan :)) blessing ..
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9 年多 ago | flag as spam
Photo 5614
Sounds like you're super busy... but sounds like things are going well... =) the ORIUS comic looks great!!! and the website too...
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Photo 43083
Hope "princess niece" received a whole lotta love (and presents) for her birthday! :)
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Photo 43083
Good that you had a great visit home, Pat!!! :) Have a grand time in Japan ~ my best friend there (she sent me VAMPS 1st CD single) was TOTALLY excited when I told her I'm going to see them in concert in the USA :P
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Photo 43083
This graphic is really cool (although a bit small, but blog pix size restrictions) :)
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New site looks cool Pat!
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Photo 24273
Coming to Japan? Seriously??
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Photo 317375
I can't wait to see what you find in Japan- I have such fun looking at your new toys! I really like the site upgrades! ;0) I am happy your vaca home was super nice it sounds like you needed some downtime! I am curious what the "something interesting" is you have been working on at GarageWorks that you mentioned- so many projects you are involved in and so many things we have to look forward to! Cheers!
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Your niece is going to break heart someday, such a cutie pie.
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