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The Princess and I

Hey everyone,

I had such a wonderful evening the other day and wanted to share with everyone some pictures. On Monday we went out on a boat called the princess. It was incredibly relaxing and I couldn't have had a more enjoyable Monday afternoon. Here are some photos that I took of our little relaxing voyage:

We started off at the Aberdeen Marina Club where we docked on board.

Pretty cool seeing all the hawks flying by the area while on deck.

On our way to our destination we see some cranes and docking stations.

Man that boat must be heavy. @_@

Police Ship watching us as we pass by.

Here is how the driver seats look like - pretty chillin.

Me on upper deck. I crashed here for about 2 hours - so relaxing.

Here is a little hut with a garden on some HK Island. A guy actually lives there - cool.

Bon-Bon, really cool dog. Haha - smile!!

I thought this picture was really nice as I was relaxing upper floor of the boat.

Loved the design of the ship, The Princess was pretty hot!

Here we have some friends jumping off the boat! I love this picture.

Well, the sun is starting to go down so I think it's time to head home.

Here we are sailing back home, was really windy heading back! Loved it.

Here is us chilling in the wind!

Back shot of the boat - love this picture.

Getting close to deck! I thought this old chinese bilding structure was neat.

Well, there she is! The lovely Princess! Hope we get a chance to hang out with her again soon! :) Till next time - back to work!!

Pat Lee



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nice pic of you man ... glad u had fun ... !!! the view looks so beautifull ...
almost 16 years ago


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