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One of many stops - Toronto!

It has been one heck of a week from doing conceptual development work for feature and animated shorts to music videos. Phew! So -- I haven't written in a while and to be honest don't have that much pictures to show since I haven't been out partying, but just wanted to share some pictures of home - Through my travels I will be hitting a number of places but REALLY looking forward to seeing my family back in Toronto. Here are a few pics from the past 3 years of my three dogs and my wonderful family! :D I miss you all!!



AHHCKKK!! My Yorkie is so darn cute - can't wait to see yuh little one. Caleb is his name - he's the one on the left. One time he pooped on my couch because he was so angry at me. Little devil... GRRR!! >:D


          Curious Caleb. He's probably thinking here.. "What is that shiny circle I'm staring at?"


                              My other two dogs Turbo and Halo - waiting for TREATS!! :D


                               Here is Caleb and me - man he looks like a teddy bear haha!!


                                                  Brothers kids being silly... So darn cute. 


                    Hey guys!! Coming home soon!! Man, the kids must be all grown up now.

Check out the next issue of Juice Magazine where you will find an interesting article on some artwork I did specifically for the MAG!! Coming out in May issue - till next time.



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