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My Life as an Artist

Hi everyone. It's great to be on this new site - I've already met tons of great people in this community and really enjoying my time on the site. So THANKS AliveNotDead CREW!!! Soooo, yes, life as an artist. It's interesting, yet fun. I just opened my Pat Lee Production branch in Hong Kong!! So far it's been awesome. I've noticed that I've been doing alot more Producing rather then Illustration or Directing. For some strange reason, I just find Producing so much more challenging. I guess it's because it deals with multiple aspects of a project. I'm still an Artist at heart and always will be.

I'll try to put more artwork up here. I've ben getting wonderful comments from everyone so thank you x 500!! I do really appreciate everyones comments. Well, time to get some rest, I think its like 7:00am in HK right now. Goodnight and be well everyone!

Pat Lee

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Mark moran in spokane 920x920
Hey! you're in HK? We should hang out when Pat (the other one) gets back.
almost 17 years ago


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