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It All Begins Here.

 Hey guys!

Well it's been one heck of a month. Currently we are finalizing our first draft of the scrīpt for our feature project and heavily concentrating on getting our storyboards done Phew! Outside of that, I've been wrapping up a music video (sorry can't say who) and getting ready to break down our budget for the feature. Mostly - I've been developing and collaborating projects with a number of companies and individuals such as Graphic Novels, Toy Production so I'm very excited about that -- It's going to be a crazy year. Work work work work WORK... Actually really looking forward to taking a long vacation - I'm thinking Rome, I love the architectual structures there! Then again -- well, work first.

Few days ago had dinner with some wonderful friends -- It was nice to see Vanness back in town and always fun hangin out with Andy, Ben, Chris and the rest of the boys. I can't believe I drew a baby Predator on Ben's wall and I don't even remember at all!! Ack! Fun times.

I haven't been taking much pictures lately, although here are a few recent/older ones with some friends. Also below is an article that just came out from Juice Magazine and if you missed on the Diesel event that I did -- you can check out the most recent Gallerie Magazine which talks about it -- You can click the bottom to enlarge!




                                       Andrew, Min and Me - I love Min's face haha!!


                      Watching the boyz strummin - sounded awesome guys, congratz!


And CongratZ to AliveNotDead, Stephen and Patrick for their first year anniversary on AnD!! Happy Birthday guys!! Looking forward to tonight and celebrating with everyone, will be alot of fun seeing everyone there!

Back to work ;)




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