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Hey Folks,

It has been one thrilling ride with all the different projects that we have been working on and all in different stages. I am very excited to head back to Hong Kong to attend the "HKSPC" Charity even organization where I will be illustrating a "secret" super Hero thanks to our sponsors. Other projects that are currently in production is "ORIUS" where we have been steadily developing and working on with the lovely 2R and not only have we co-created it together -- yes, they are in it!

I am so enjoying Toronto and the weather is phenominal. It hasn't been much of a mini vacation as I've been so busy with all these different projects we've been developing. We are rebuilding PatLeeProductions.com and starting a Gallery site as well - on top of that preparing and planning a physical gallery event in China. However we are definitely excited to announce our new company.

The past 12 months we have been in the works of developing a new home in the entertainment industry -- "DeepSky Pictures", a creative generator that will combine anime, live action and comics together fusing them with a spice of American Entertainment using our combined experiences of over 30 years in the entertainment field. Asia is a wonderful place to develop film projects and with thanks to my new partner Lloyd Chao who has been an incredible Producing partner on all our projects thus far, we plan to bring strong creative ideas to the big screen and to create properties that will entertain it's audience time after time. Together - we have been primarily focusing on this one project that is considered to be the "knight" of all our project and we are very excited that this story and IP has come to us after a long haul on Shzin (which is still in development). so here it is, DeepSky Pictures and as we take a deep breath to bring life to this name we hope to generate some great projects that everyone will enjoy worldwide. So please visit us at http://www.deepskypictures.net/.

Peace be with you all.

P Please visit PLP's other affiliated websites:

www.patleegallery.com www.DeepSkyPictures.com

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