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“Great show! You are exceptionally talented in so many different ways. Your drive to challenge yourself musically and personally shines through when you are on stage. Your storytelling and original music is very beautiful, real and honest in the best way. It challenged me to think about my life, because it came from such an honest place. Thank you for sharing your music and talents with the world, you are doing great things! So proud to be a part of that energy last night!” - David from Dérive Botanicals

”One of my biggest joys in life is to watch people shine doing what they love. Tonight, I watched [Olivia Thai] shine on stage doing what she was put on earth to do - filled my soul with real talk, real feelings, real connection, real hugs, real love, and belly laughs.” - Pamella Tanimura, the 1 Drop Essentials Brasil Traveling Oil Mom https://travelingoilmom.com/

"Goosebumps! Even thinking about the show right now is giving me goosebumps. Olivia has a pure and natural talent of singing, songwriting, instrument playing, the list goes on. You can’t find a singer like that too often. Her conversations with the crowd makes you feel involved in her show - the way she makes you laugh and talks about her songs makes her relatable to everyone in the room. She had me crying, laughing, and singing along. A heck of a show and I will be going back to another show!" - Dana Arnold Photography https://www.facebook.com/danaarnoldphotography

“Where is the emoji for FANTASTIC? My first show [watching] Olivia and OMG, I felt honored to be in the presence of your talent, style and story. You are a gift[...] keep on composing... Your message is strong, you care and I see you bigger than any of those names you said you wanted to have pick up your music. YOU ARE ALREADY ON YOUR WAY! Took my breath away!” - June Dillinger I Do Hawaiian Weddings https://www.idohawaiianweddings.com/

"It was our first show of Olivia and i was a few minutes late coming from work I walked into the room.....instant goosebumps!!! Absolutely fan-freakin-tastic!!! Everything from her voice, her humour, to the instruments, I especially loved the violin - it was just awesome!!! It was truely an awesome show by an awesome person. I loved every minute of it cant wait for the next one." - Laney Moneiro Project Hawaii, Inc.

"Was my first show of Olivia's, & I will be back, bringing some new faces for sure if she does more shows at Hawaiian Brians! Olivia is fantastic. She has an incredible voice, gives a unique show, and is amazing at playing her instruments. You can feel the emotional electricity in the room because of her lyrics, vocals, and how she interacts with the crowd. Absolutely love her to pieces. Had goosebumps the entire time." - Gabby Browning [Photographer] Gabby Browning: Photographer https://www.facebook.com/gabbybrowningphotos/

“So I have heard Olivia Thai sing a number of times. Since I have been introduced to her. But what she did on Saturday was beyond amazing. For her to tell her story thru song was great. I can’t wait for the Nex 1” - Wes from From Above Entertainment, LLC http://fromaboveentertainment.com

“All I can say is ‘wow’! Olivia was incredibly funny, entertaining, inspiring, motivational, gorgeous and talented! She gave me goosebumps for a straight 90 minutes. Her original songs were amazing and touched my heart. Between playing guitar, piano, violin, singing and beatboxing, she was extremely elegant and engaging. I was blown away ❤ So. Much. Talent. <3” - Adeline Farrer from Alida The Label

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