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Kenji test shoot...

Just thought I would put up some images I finally got around to retouching from a test shoot I did with a friend and hair stylist Kenji. My friend Jasmine came around to do the styling which turned out to be pretty different. I could never come up with this combination of items. The luggage were pulled down from my storage.....old things that I nabbed from my grandfather back in Canada.

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Beauty and the Universe

All-pervading Beauty is not an exercise in creative imagination. It is the actual structure of the universe. That all-pervading Beauty is in truth the very nature of the Kosmos right now. It is not something  you have to imagine, because it is the actual structure of perception in all domains. -- Ken Wilber, the Eye of Spirit, pp. 177-178.

I had to put this quote online, after seeing it pop up on the www.kenwilber.com website, a website who's author I quite admire and...Read more

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My shoot with Fabian...

I thought I'd give my D200 digital camera a trial run with a new friend from Singapore, namely Fabian. Shooting in Nikon's raw format, NEF, I actually got some very good results. Lighting was quite harsh..as I didn't use my typical softbox. And the retouching took a bit of time too, but I'm pleased overall with the overall effect. I think you have to click on the image to see it more clearly.

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Business and resistance...

business world says i have to get my butt out there, do shameless promotion of my body of work, not matter how many times i have thrashed it out to newcomers or followers. i put a twist to an event, hire a publicist, a business development manager (BDM...ooooo, sounds so butch), an agent and perhaps even a part-time assistant to document my photography collection, which has grown to a scary volume of dvd's of over 500. i cringe at the thought of documenting and tagging. anyone want to come and take on the job? then....the strug...Read more

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diesel party by alivenotdead...

last night i attended the deisel party as hosted by alivenotdead. a photography exhibition held by wing shya followed by a performance by local indie group 24 herbs helped with the entertainment. unfortunately, i did not stay till dan the automator made his appearance. i have to say first that the energy of the night was exceptionally high. the people, the crowd, the fashionistas, paparazzi and celebs making it's way through set the location on a buzz. the photography exhibition, to which i had no strong preconception of, ...Read more

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Josh, Me and a Holga....

I thought I would wait...but I couldn't. I found that I had a missing role in my bag from the shoot with Josh using the Holga camera. So off and away I went to the lab...and wah-lah... a few turned out! Of course, the coolest one that came out was the multiple exposure shot of Josh while he was talking on the phone. The film marks are real..so there was no toying and layering in photoshop.

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is blogging the true diary of your life?

i have been thinking about this world of blogging and it's meaning, it's usefulness and it's authenticity to the realness and truthfulness of the individual. it used to be that a diary (or journal) was written in privacy, in secrecy. no one got to it with the exception of the person who wrote it. it was meant for recording the feelings and emotions of the person that day, so that years later, one could recount the past. it was not held for public viewing. writing such daily thoughts would help clarify my i...Read more

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toy time with the infamous holga camera...

About a month ago, I met a person on facebook who show-cased some images using his lomo camera. I decided to ask the guy if he would be interested in doing portrait shoot of each other using his Lomo. As a result, the images turned out quite interesting, with full-on saturated colours using slide film. Another friend saw those photos and asked if I would do the same with him. Of course, I said yes, but I decided to go out and get the Holga camera instead of the Lomo (the Lomo is simply over-priced and I couldn't...Read more

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The day my left eye went red and I saw blurr...

Yesterday I put in my contact and I felt a strange sting in my left eyes....damn! I thought I scratched my cornea. Anyway, I adjusted the lens..peered through and it felt okay..or erm...so so. A few hours passed and a friend called me for lunch. My left eye was not feeling too good so I decided to remove it before heading to meet him. I asked my friend what it looked like and he said it wasn't too bad. I put some of my eye drops to try to remedy them, but alas, my eyes were starting water more and my eyes c...Read more

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I just got back from a full day in macau meeting up with the event coordinator of Rosh events who is helping me with book launch and signing there. hot and sunny, walking along the narrow streets and seeing the architecture of both old and new was fascinating. i couldn't help but feel that some of the treasures of macau will be torn and destroyed by new development. i really have to go there and explore it more before it really disappears. meanwhile the city is teaming with people coming from china and hong kong in light of the gambling (a very chine...Read more

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Never in my dreams as a little child did I ever think I would come to live, work and play in Hong Kong. Born in Canada to Chinese parents, I moved here in 1994

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