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音樂野 Part II wild busketeers 14.03.2013 恭碩良 Jun Kung

https://vimeo.com/68190696Video: http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/PfxLOfq1EOo/音樂野 Part II wild busketeers 14.03.2013 恭碩良 Jun Kung mofo music presents野狗作品 a film by the wildogdirected, filmed and edited by wildog某些生活a some kind of life project 日復日,沒完沒了的工作,急速的生活節奏,你可有時間停下腳步,留意身邊發生有趣,新奇又刺激的事?停一停,想一想。放下你的手機,別匆忙地走來,拍張照,又匆忙地離開,告訴你,你沒有在現場!照片視頻永遠比不上現場發生,回家看一百次視頻都沒一次現場感受更大。請好好享受現場表演!或許,它能感動你;或許,它能令你放鬆心情;或許,你也可以一起參與! day by day, works never end, rapid rhythm of living; do you ever have time to stop,and, care whatever interesting, newfangled and exciting happens around you? stop and think. put down your phone, do not come rushing, take a picture and leave rushing; tell you what, you are not in the show! pitures and videos can never be compared with live, you cannot feel the music more then a live even watching the video for 100 times. please, enjoy the show! maybe, it can touch your heart; maybe, it can make you relax, maybe, you can join too! 鳴謝 星革盟經理人公司 revoluation talent mangement 通利琴行 tom lee music billabong yamaha 鼓 drums 恆生銀行 hang seng bank

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nice, I'm surprised the cops didn't kick you out! :-P
about 7 years ago
Photo 23522
they did at last
about 7 years ago
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i'll wait for part 3 to see that! :-P
about 7 years ago


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