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'It's Over Now' Jun Kung 恭碩良 Official Music Video (2010)

"It's Over Now"

恭碩良 Jun Kung

導演 Directed by: 野狗 Wildog

美術指導 Art Direction: Prodip

East Asia Music (Holding) Limited

Revolution Talent Managementhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rf0SnzCj9uY

 with subtitle 字幕版



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sweet! nigel is the man!
over 9 years ago
Photo 23522
etchy, you are the man of the man!
over 9 years ago
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i like the locations too... Prodip is the man too!
over 9 years ago
Photo 34978
Jun Rocks!
over 9 years ago
Photo 43244
etchy and nigel are both the men! together! in bed! it's not over now!!!!!! jun is awesome! great job nigel!!!!
over 9 years ago
Prodipleung 6a prodipleung
Awesome dude !
over 9 years ago


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