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born in nature, feeded by nature

her name is 7up (chat hei), i met her last sunday in my cusin's place. congradulation to my cousin, he just had a baby! 7up is smart, humble and comply with my uncle perfectly. she has a little story, when she was young, she was naughty. one time she fell in a spetic tank when they were still living in their hoggery; the worker named sasi jump into the spetic tank to save her life. such a touching story. after that she scares of water.

7up's family does not care about her health. they let her eat all the salty meat, crunchy bones, oily pork... etc; one time my uncle let her finish a whole mooncake in the mid autumn fest., yes, a whole moon cake. she's 10 years old now and does not seem to have any health problem. i guess this is called born in nature, feeded by nature (tin sang tin yeung). for that i think 7up get used to the food and created something which balance her health.

good or bad? i think she's one of the luckiest dog in the world, because she eats CHINESE food, cha siu, siu yuk, muk choi kau yuk, moon cake... etc. human are smart, they develop everything to have a better life. they want their pets to be healthy, so they follow the guide for feeding. as a result their pet really became a pet, not a dog. they give their best to the child, and didn't notice that the best does not work without the process. are we too smart to step in the business of the next generation? life should always be hard, please dont misunderstand. sometimes wisdom create fool. more wisdoms, more fools. that's the balance of the nature. are they smart enough to know this? or they are having other objectives? no matter what, that day i saw a home dog is a dog, not a pet.

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almost 12 years ago
totally agree man! damn bro... 7up had muk choi kau yuk for food, i love muk choi kau yuk a lot man! haha...
almost 12 years ago
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Long times no see ur doggy on pages again... artictic pic master capture n put AND. How ur lately? cheers..
almost 12 years ago


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