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STILL "ALIVE NOT DEAD"!!!!!!|仍舊"活著沒死"(Alive Not Dead)!!!!!!| 仍旧"活着没死"(Alive Not Dead)!!!!!!|まだ"生きてるよ、死んでない(Alive Not Dead)"!!!!

So one day Phill and i wanted to test our skills in martial arts,we decided to train in Pattaya Thailand.(Fartex training camp) for a few days, then fight! We trained 3 days of Muay Thai, then went straight into the ring with pro kickboxers.....The training was tough, 5-6 hours everyday but we had fun.So fight day comes,first 2 rounds i thought i'd respect their culture and fight Muay Thai...Read more

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TO ALL THAT HAS CONTRIBUTED!!!!!!!!!|給所有留言的朋友!!!!!!!!!!|给所有留言的朋友!!!!!!!!!! |コメントをくれたみんなへ!!!

To all the fans that has commented on my new noobie blog especially the ones oversees. Finally i have a chance to thank u all, might not be able to reply all but hopefully be adequate.Hope u all have fun here,i'm still refining it day by day,just got off work 30 minutes ago after 23 hours of shooting,about to head off to work again soon but with all the support i see,i guess it's all worth it...NO PAIN NO GAIN. Take care all and thx again!!!! ...Read more

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MISSING FRIEND!!!!!|遺失了朋友!!!!!|遗失了朋友!!!!!| 行方不明の友達

Nothing beats getting off work and coming back home with warm welcomes.People say dogs are "man's best friend" is not that i disagree with that saying,it's just that i'm allergic to them----sigh----but i do love dogs. Anyways,I chose turtles as my homes best friend instead,i have 11 of them, a few different rare species and i'm telling you,i think turtles are just as smart,loyal,and cute as dogs.Every time i come home from work,no matter what time it is,most of them would cuddle aro...Read more

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BAD TEMPER!!!!!!!!!|壞脾氣!!!!!!!!|坏脾气!!!!!!!!|BAD TEMPER!!!!!!!!

Funny how a lot of people still ask me how i deal with pressure so well......um.....to be honest, I DON'T This was last week, i got off work in the afternoon shooting movie the whole night,things didn't go as well as i...Read more

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Hello ppl !!!!!!|大家好!!!!!!|大家好!!!!!!|Hello ppl !!!!!!

Thanks for the invite to the big family, i don't know how much time i have to blog but will try to reply most questions(no reporter pretenders pleeees!). Anyways, working on the new movie and album at the moment so take care all. Ah ya,(TO ANDY ON) Pleeez put on some clothes..i think VICTORIA SECRETS has found there're models.


感謝邀請我加入這個大家庭,我不知道有多少時間可以寫博客,但會努力回復大部分問題(請不要有記者偽裝進來!)我正為新電影和專輯忙碌,請各位保重。啊呀(給安誌傑),請穿些衣服…我想維多利亞的秘密已經找到了模特兒。Read more

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