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"Fell In Love With A Girl" Vancouver Film Shoot!!!

I am currently in Vancouver, British Columbia finishing up my first RED CAMERA film ever. I get to play lead girl in "Fell In Love With A Girl," directed by Tin Pak Lau, playing the object of the guy's obsession. This story is basically about our obsessions with things we can not have but just won't stop obsessing even when someone says "no." It has been an amazing shoot, we shot around Richmond in residential area and then in Steveson, by the lake. The weather was gorgeous, as was the sunshine and then sunset. The crew and cast were absolutely amazing and professional. All I can say is that the director of photography was so professional and amazing and even got "commercial shots" of me. I'm so grateful I finally go to do some real acting! I love Vancouver. I love working here and I love filmmaking!!!!!!! Keep an eye out for the film coming online!!!! Love, Nadia
我張瑀希在溫哥華拍我第一個REDCAMERA電影。 “WANTED“ 也有用RED拍。畫面非常高機輿漂涼。 我在”愛上個女孩“ (Fell In Love With A Girl)演女主角。 道演是TINPAKLAU。 故賞內容在講我們的迷住。我們愛追我們得不到的東西。 我就是那個得不到的東西。我對這個拍攝經驗非常滿注而快樂。 天氣又溫河又美。 我們拍到太 楊下山的畫面!! 每個人都好傳業又友善。 攝影溼也拍到一些我的商業畫面。 我非常感謝大家的支持。我等好久有機會真的角色可以演! 我愛溫哥華;我愛演戲;我非常愛在家拿大工作,拍戲!我的溫哥華的歷險才剛開始呢! 等代我的片子上我的網站!!! Love, Nadia

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red cams are nice. did you like working with it?
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